Wednesday, April 16


We just LOVE having people come visit us here, especially when it is family. My three brothers, their families, and my parents all got to come see us these past few days. It was a parade to get everyone out and about, but totally worth every second of it. Including all the kids, we had 21 people!

Emma was a little cuddle bug, as usual. She loved all of the uncles and my dad. She just loves guys! We're going to have to watch out for her as she gets older. Maybe Andrew can help scare away some of the boys.

Sarah thought she was in heaven with so many friends to play with. She kept telling me. "Mommy, do you like your mommy cousins? I like my baby cousins. They're my friends!" She hasn't quite figured out the whole family relationship thing, but I love the way she tried to describe it!

On Monday, we went to the park for most of the day to play in the gorgeous sun. The boys played basketball, we had a picnic, and the kids played on the slide and swings. We even did a little kite flying in the ever-present Oklahoma wind. That night, we celebrated Sarah's birthday a little early so that she could have a big party with her cousins. She really liked her pony cake.

Tuesday was our Zoo day. The OKC Zoo is just great, and I really like to go there when I can. With 11 kids ages 10 and under, it was the perfect activity. Even the adults had fun. We spent most of the day there and then stopped for ice cream on the way home. What could make a better day?

Sarah was livin' it up this week with all her cousins

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Sarah couldn't decide which was better: cake or cousins!

My cute dad with Emma - trying to stay cool in the shade

Emma with my brother Scott - he kept trying to get Sarah to say the he was her favorite

When you can't ride a horse, why not ride an elephant?

The whole kid crew


Eric and Jenny said...

Oh, I just love having visitors, that is a very full house for you guys, but definitely the greatest. I love that family picture of you guys on Andrew's blessing- gosh you guys are cute! Andrew does look very darling in his little jeans, I love them! I think tiny babies look so cute in big boy clothes.

Katie Jane said...

So yes, I am commenting on all of your posts! I can't help myself. I just have to say how huge Sarah looks going down the slide. I swear she just grew up in the blink of an eye! Stop right now I say!

Shaun & Jillian said...

You look so great Jen and your little family is just adorable. I can't believe how big Andrew is getting...he is so handsome. It looks like you had a great time with your family.

Jon and Melissa said...

So you didn't make that cake did you? It looks way too complicated-so cute! Also so fun to have all your family-tiring, but very fun. Did your family drive? Please tell me that they flew that is a long way!

Jon and Melissa said...

Sorry just one more thing-I love that Sarah's shoes are on the wrong feet on the slide! So cute!

suds2004 said...

Soo fun! One of the best things about living away from family is that they get to come visit you. I love company, I love how crazy it is and I also love how calm it is when they leave. :) You have the best family!

Brea Marie said...

Jen, I LOVE the shirts the girls are wearing! The childrens Place also had one that said I love being the little sister. I wanted to buy my girls one, but they were sold out of the correst sizes for both of them. They look so adorable on your little girls! I love having family around. It just makes the day brighter!

RichFamily said...

That's so neat that so many of your family was able to come out and see you guys! I bet it's way hard being that far away from family. Your family pictures is so cute, and your little guy is adorable.

Skinner Family said...

Oh, sounds like fun couple of days! It's so fun to have family around. How fun for your kids to have lots of other kids to play with!

I can't believe Sarah is 3. She looks like such a big girl in these pictures. Fun cake! Did you make it?