Saturday, March 31

Your name is MUD

I remember growing up if we were in big BIG trouble, my mom would say, "Your name is MUD!"  I still to this day have no idea where she came up with that one.  I don't know if it was handed down from generation to generation, or if it was from a friend, or from a TV show, or something.  Either way, I thought it was hilarious when she said it.  Just for fun, I like to say it to my kids sometimes.  I'm sure they think I'm nuts.

But in this case, I think "Your name is MUD makes perfect sense.

Monday, March 26

Donuts, Toys, and Ice Cream - The Triple Threat

 A few local teams made it to the high school state basketball championships in Des Moines, so we decided to make a weekend of it.  We dropped Jared off at Grandma & Grandpa's house (because we didn't think he'd have much fun with us), and treated the older kids to a fun filled, hotel staying, donuts and ice cream eating, toys playing, movie watching weekend.  We surprised the kids when we picked them up a bit early from school on Friday afternoon, and then headed off to the Friday night game.  When we arrived at the hotel afterwards, we swam for a little while and then fell asleep watching cartoons on TV.

Saturday morning, we asked the kids what they wanted for breakfast.  We were thinking pancakes, eggs, bacon, and all breakfast foods in their glory.  The kids were thinking donuts, so off to Krispy Kreme were we! 

Down the street, we saw a Toys R Us, so we thought we'd kill a little time browsing around.  The next game we wanted to see wasn't until 6:00 that night, so while we were at Toys R Us, we thought it best to entertain the kids with some small new toys.  At $7 a piece, it was the best investment of $21 we could have made that day!  The kids played and played with their new toys while Dennis and I took turns shopping at the mall.  We also went to see The Lorax in the mall's theater (which provided a wonderful nap for Andrew and myself).

The last stop before the game was our favorite ice cream... Culver's Frozen Custard.  For those of you not in the Midwest, it is honestly amazing.  Their vanilla cone should be ranked on one of those lists, "10 things you should eat before you die".  It's that good.

We finished off our trip with a basketball game, and a sleepy drive home.  It was a great mini-vacation.

Saturday, March 24

Are You Ready For Some Football?

This is what I found when I got home from my workout this morning:
The next Peyton Manning

Wednesday, March 21

Farming in March

This past weekend we went to a friend's house and played around a little.

Jared and I ran around and chased the dogs (or tried to keep Jared from hitting the dogs' noses, and keep the dogs from licking Jared to death).

Dennis and the older kids took turns running the small tractor in the very large garden spot we're sharing this year.

I don't think that sight could be more beautiful...

Sunday, March 11

It's Fun to be FOUR

Andrew had such a fun birthday. 

The only real problem we had was that Sarah told him "You get to do anything you want on your birthday!"

That presented a few challenges and a few tears!

He got a "dirt" race track cake, lots of new presents, and even a little birthday money. 

While we sang "Happy Birthday" to him, he chimed right in and sang to himself. 

At four years old, Andrew:
  •  still loves playing with anything with wheels
  • has a major sweet tooth
  • loves when Jared plays with him
  • falls asleep on the bus after school most days
  • still misses some of his friends in Oklahoma
  • wants to be just like Daddy
  • if there is a puddle, dirt, or a mess he will find it
  • asks if he can go to his cousin Corey's house every night
  • likes to make cookies with Mommy
  • loves to have storytime
  • is full of energy and fun to be around

Tuesday, March 6

Pure Torture

Sometimes Jared puts up with the teasing, helping, prodding, and bugging, and takes it all in stride.
Sometimes he doesn't. 
Being dressed up in Emma's shoes and Andrew's coat and backpack was just too much.
He had enough!