Friday, January 23


I'm just a photography wanna be, so I use my kids as guinea pigs.

On a warm day in Oklahoma, I photographed this cute little girl...

and this one...

and this sad little boy...

All together now!

And the winners of the day were... (drum roll please)

Sarah - 3 1/2 years

Emma - 2 years

Andrew - 10 months

Tuesday, January 20

One of those days!

This afternoon, I've been thinking that it's just been one of those days.

One of those days when I realize that if I weren't a mom there wouldn't be so many things to bring me joy, like...

Picking up my daughter's cowgirl boots off the middle of the kitchen floor
Spending the afternoon baking (and enjoying the smell of) homemade bread for my fam
Having my two-year-old take my hand, lead me to the kitchen, and plead for "purple juice" while both girls argue over the same cup and my baby pulls at my pants in an effort to get some attention
Seeing my girls' purple tongues after drinking the completely unnecessary, but much appreciated treat
Spontaneous smiles because of the funny things that happen in my house
Underwear bums
Asking my two-year-old if she needs to go potty every 20 minutes
Being cheered on when I have a successful potty trip
Having my little guy love me so much that I can't get a good picture of him ... he just has to be in my arms

That is what brings me joy - being a mother. This is what I always dreamed of doing when I was growing up. I am so grateful that it's been "one of those days" when I remember just what a blessing it is to be where I am, what I am, and who I am!

Thursday, January 15

It's About Time!

As a way of catching up with the last two weeks, I thought I'd just post some of the pictures we've taken and write a little about each one. One day I won't be so behind with my blogging, but until then I'll just have to do it this way.

Last Tuesday, Sarah started preschool! Hip, hip, hooray! She goes two days a week from 9:00 to 2:50. (The afternoon is really just filled with lunch and then quiet/nap time, but it's wonderful still). When I dropped her off that first morning, she just gave me loves & kisses and was happy to be on her own. On the way in, she wouldn't let me help her or hold her hand. She told me at least five times that she didn't need help because she was a big girl! Emma has enjoyed having Mommy to herself when Andrew takes a morning nap - she's even talking a little more because there is more silence to fill.

I think everyone is enjoying the whole preschool experience. Sarah is excited to go to preschool each time and she is happy when she gets home. She's already learned quite a bit and successfully (and legibly) wrote her name for the first time! I'm so happy for her.

On one of her non-preschool days... I was checking blogs during the little kids' naps. After a few minutes, I realized things got a little too quiet. I found Sarah hiding under the coffee table in a chocolate-induced coma. She'd found the bag of chocolate chips and hid out under the table until the effects kicked in.

Such a little goof! Sarah grabbed my sunglasses in the car this morning. I loved this shot. There's no real story behind it other than she is sure to be a heart-breaker someday.

In the car this week, I looked back to check on the kids and found Sarah with her legs crossed. Seriously!?! She's 3 1/2 going on 16, I swear... I love watching my kids grow up. I am constantly amazed at the things they learn and do. They are still my babies, but then I see something like this and realize my time raising my kids isn't going to last forever.

My super cute college roommate makes beanies, and she was sweet enough to send me one! (Go here to see her stuff). Emma swiped my hat this morning during breakfast. It's proper breakfast attire, right? I can't resist her smile.

The pink hat bandit...I guess she's got a hat obsession lately! Emma has got a great imagination, which I'm sure Sarah helps foster. I think they were being explorers in these shots.

Emma must have been in charge of looking for a good trail to travel. Don't mind the fact that she's pant-less. True explorers don't need pants!

Here is my one picture of Andrew I've snapped in the last two weeks. I guess that adds a new goal to my list for the new year: Don't forget to take pictures of ALL the kids. Andrew's newest accomplishments: broke through his second tooth, cruises on furniture all day, can stand for a second or two when he's not paying attention, and is still loved by all!

On Sunday, my sister was flying through a town that's less than two hours from where we live. We were really excited to see her because it doesn't work out to see each other much. Before Thanksgiving when I saw my whole family, it had been 11 1/2 months since I'd seen her last. Brenda is my only sister and is the oldest in the family. I'm the youngest, which makes us 8 years apart in age. We have three brothers, so when I was born she was thrilled to finally have her sister! I remember when I was about Sarah's age that Brenda would beg me to come sleep in her room with her. She'd make me wait until Mom & Dad went to bed and then sneak into her room to keep her company. I don't know why we didn't just ask Mom & Dad if we could sleep together. I'm sure they would have let us.

I had a ton of fun seeing Bren and catching up. No, we didn't plan to match our outfits. It's just that us redheads tend to think we look good in that color!

Two more sisters that have a lifetime of friendship ahead of them! Emma & Sarah decided to hide from the camera. They also do this when Dennis gets home from work. Sarah will hide under the table or something, but Emma will stand up on a chair and yell, "Hide!" while she covers her eyes.

Fun times, cute kids, and a lot of chaos and noise!