Tuesday, November 30

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving this year...

involved a night time drive up to Iowa

was filled with lots of family

was Jared's debut to the big Hunger clan

consisted of about 8 pies

tasted scrumptious (even though I was going dairy-free for Jared's benefit)

was simply beautiful

Thursday, November 18

Give Me S'more

S'more fires in our fireplace this fall

S'more melted chocolate and roasted marshmallows sandwiched between two grahams

S'more smiles on my children's faces

S'more love in our home

S'more memories to hold on to...

Monday, November 15

Asleep on the job

This is what happens when Andrew wakes up at 6:00 am all week due to the time change!

Saturday, November 13

Wednesday, November 3

The dangers of Halloween candy

As I was preparing dinner Monday night, Jared started crying. I went to go check on him quickly, when I noticed Andrew went into our pantry and locked himself in. (Yes, we have a lock on our pantry door - if you have met Andrew you would know why. I've had boxes of cereal, packets of hot chocolate, and many other things distributed all over my house when the pantry ISN'T secure against that little guy.

Okay, back to the story: While checking on Jared, Andrew started crying... and wonderful mother that I am, I got mad and started thinking, "Why the heck did you lock yourself in the pantry little boy? Of course you're going to get hurt!" Then I unlocked the door and saw the blood. I felt sorry then! Andrew kept saying, "I climb - get treat mommy!" His lip was bleeding pretty bad, and Dennis was on his way home from work luckily. We sent the girl's to the neighbors' house and headed off to the after-hours clinic.

I'm so glad it was dinner time, so that Dennis could help out! He and Andrew loved on "Green" while waiting for the doctor.

Andrew was a champ through it all, a little sweetie. Two stitches on the inside, and one on the outside. I was thinking at the time that I thought it would have taken more stitches, though. We had to pick up an antibiotic prescription on the way home, and while we were waiting for it to be filled Andrew managed to get one of the stitches out! When we took him back, the doctor took out the other outside stitch and replaced them with derma-bond (the glue stitches).