Friday, July 24

Bumps & Bruises

You know the saying, "Snips and snails and puppy dog tails... that's what little boys are made of"? Well, I think that it should be "Bruises and bumps and cute little rumps... that's what little boys are made of." Or something like that - I'm not the best rhymer in the world.

Andrew is a rough and tumble little guy! He seems to constantly be getting scraped up, and as soon as one heals, he'll get another. Here's a little taste of his last few weeks. Minutes before leaving for Iowa, Andrew came in from playing outside with one side of his face covered in dirt. After trying to wash it all off, I realized that under the dirt he had scraped up his face pretty good. No crying or complaining about it, either!

Then, no sooner did the scrapes start healing before he fell down some wooden deck steps and got his first black eye! After about 30 seconds of hollering, he was fine to laugh and play the rest of the night.

We took this picture about an hour after the fall, but the black eye got worse for a few days (I didn't get any pictures to prove it) before it got better.

Then... today came along. We went to the park this morning, and within 10 minutes of getting there he fell and bumped his left eye just below the eyebrow.

I felt bad for the little guy, and then 45 minutes later he climbed up a picnic bench and fell off half onto sand and half onto concrete. This is the beautiful result of that fall.

Every time he gets hurt, he cries or gets mad for about 30 seconds and he's done. He's tough, rough, and made of good stuff...

I have a feeling we're going to see many, many more injuries with this guy.

Friday, July 17

Knee High by the Fourth of July

Every 4th of July, we try to make a trip to Iowa for two major reasons. First off, Dennis's family has a fun little reunion where we get to see most of his cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandmother. Also... Iowa is absolutely gorgeous in the summertime! It is green trees, green fields, red barns, and white farm houses, more green fields, and blue sky. Growing up in a desert myself and now living in a pretty dry climate, I just love to see the beauty of Iowa in the summertime. Oh yeah... and it marks the 7th anniversary of the week Dennis and I met, which could be part of the charm I'm sure. ("Knee High by the Fourth of July" is actually something farmers used to say about the height of the corn crop at this time. The funny thing is that every year I've seen it, the corn is well over 6 feet tall at this point).

Some quality time on the farm - Dennis and his dad and brothers got one of the old tractors out (the 520 for you tractor experts) to take a few spins around the yard. Our kids loved it, and Sarah even drove (or steered, depending on your perspective).

Corey Ned & Andrew Ned on the tractor - these little boys are only 5 months apart and they both carry their grandpa's name. Best buds for life....

I couldn't pass up posting these pictures. It is such a funny power struggle between these two. Corey is older and weighs a lot more, but Andrew really wasn't intimidated. They were both laughing and having a great time through it all.

Emma enjoyed taking it easy whether it was blowing bubbles in the shade, dropping leaves in the creek, or riding the tractor with Daddy.

Just a little boy trying to take on the world...

A couple months ago, my mom and I decided we were going to run a 5K together when my parents come to visit in August. I've always hated running, but now it's fun and I can honestly say I enjoy it. The 5K in August was supposed to be my first one ever. But... when we were in Iowa, one of the little towns around us had a 5K run and I thought it would be a good test. I called every one of my sisters-in-law to get someone to run with me. With all the guilt and peer pressure, I finally got one of them to cave. Thanks, Melanie!

Here we are about halfway through the race. This course was nuts - it was through all the neighborhoods of the town and it was very hilly. The coordinator of the race told us that "if you're not running uphill, you're running downhill!" Very funny. Hopefully my next 5K won't be this hilly!

This "Hurkey the Hawk" was outside the mall playground, and Emma just loved it. She kept giving it hugs and calling it Daddy bird, so I had to take a picture.

Emma, Caleb, Sarah, and Sammie. These two are Corey's older siblings and also Melanie's children. They sure love each other.