Tuesday, May 25


Do you ever just have one of THOSE days?

Wednesday, May 19

Drumroll please....

We had an ultrasound yesterday...
The tech went through all the body parts
and then finally revealed what we are having.

I didn't believe her.
I couldn't see what on earth she was talking about.

A few minutes later, she checked again.

This time I was sure.
There is no mistaking...

We are having a BOY

Hip, hip, hooray!

Monday, May 17

Nanu Nanu

Andrew has been saying the word "Nanu" a lot lately.

We couldn't figure out what this latest gibberish meant.

Until today...

It's his own name.

Andrew saw a picture of Sarah, Emma, and himself.

He points to each person and says, "Dare-da, Mee-muh, Nanu!"

Oh boy, buddy. It's time to learn to talk!

Wednesday, May 12


a boy and his truck

Wednesday, May 5

our week... in review

We were able to do a lot of fun things in the past week...

*went to the zoo for Sarah's pre-K field trip
where we were assigned an extra friend to be a part of our family for the day

*took a couple trips to the park
*grilled some yummy meals
while Andrew helped everyone get a little ice
*went to the carnival in town
*and showed a little attitude
don't let this face fool you... she is one of the sweetest kids I've ever met. I'm just glad she's got some sass!