Monday, May 17

Nanu Nanu

Andrew has been saying the word "Nanu" a lot lately.

We couldn't figure out what this latest gibberish meant.

Until today...

It's his own name.

Andrew saw a picture of Sarah, Emma, and himself.

He points to each person and says, "Dare-da, Mee-muh, Nanu!"

Oh boy, buddy. It's time to learn to talk!


Janna said...

lol. kid language cracks me up. This'll be a fun memory to share with him later.

Ashley Dickman said...

that exact same thing happened with Emory, but she was say "me-me" and we couldn't figure it out until she pointed to a picture! i love the picture of him and his truck! hope you are feeling good!

Eric and Jenny said...

I love new little talkers language, how darling!

geeno said...

i love it when you figure out a mystery word!! it's so satisfying to be able to improve your communication with a 2 yr old :) so funny!