Tuesday, January 26

My Mountain Home

I live in Oklahoma.

I love Iowa.

But, I am from Utah... born and bred.

We visited Utah over the past week, but...

Sadly, we had so much fun that I forgot to take very many pictures.

Dennis and Sarah riding the FrontRunner back from SLC

Emma playing dress up in Elko with cousin Gwen's dress, headband, and shoes,
and the stuffed reindeer's collar

My cute husband at our brother-in-law's mine he works at.
HUGE machinery!!

My Treehouse girls (some of my roommates from college).
I loved having them around for shopping advice!

I missed pictures of my awesome family, my talented and intelligent friend Natalie, and so much more!

Fun trip... can't wait till next time.

Monday, January 11

And the winner is...

Who won the bubble blowing contest in church yesterday?

Well... that would be our Andrew!

The nursery leader told me that Andrew ate a bubble during nursery.

I couldn't figure out what she was talking about.

She explained...

They were blowing bubbles and letting the kids catch and pop them.

Andrew grabbed a wand dipped in solution and put it in his mouth.

Needless to say it wasn't very appetizing.

He tried to make a face to show his disgust,

and instead blew the biggest bubble of the day!

That boy has talent, I tell you.

Wednesday, January 6

Say what?

I asked my baby... my sweet Andrew who I am, he said "JEN!"


My almost 22-month-old calls me Jen? I want to cry!

What happened to Mama or Mommy?

Sarah's latest funny thing to say?

I was dressed in my exercise clothes to go running yesterday, and Sarah turned to Dennis and said, "Mommy has to run on the treadmill so she can exercise and get all her wiggles out."

Oh... that one had me laughing hard, so of course she caught on and keeps saying it.

Yesterday Emma got into some trouble for being a little naughty.

I swatted her bum and she cried and cried.

I picked her up, hugged her, and told her I was sorry, but that she needed to be nice.

She immediately stopped crying and said, "It's okay, Mommy! It was an accident."

If laughing keeps you young, I'm never going to grow old!

New Family Pics

We had some family pictures taken for our Christmas card this year...

It's the first ones we've had done since Andrew was born, so it was about time!

I liked this one

and this one
and this little cutie

and this sweet girl
and this little guy

Monday, January 4

Jesus Wants Me For a Sun... BEAM!

Little Emma Mae graduated from nursery into Primary at church yesterday.

She is such a tiny sunbeam... definitely the youngest in her class since she JUST turned three.

Some highlights of the day?

Her daddy pulled a string on her tights during sacrament meeting

Which made a huge hole bigger than her knee

So, we took them off

She sat so reverently during the first 15-20 minutes of Primary

Then, she started trying out different chairs around the room

Including the ones up front for the speakers

Then, she and Sarah sat together

With their arms around each other

It couldn't have been cuter

After class, Emma's teacher told me she wanted to squeeze her cute cheeks

So she did

Emma giggled

New Years 2010!

Some great friends had us over for New Year's Eve

We ate yummy pizza and goodies

and played Band Hero

Andrew slept through most of the party

Emma played hula hoop with a necklace

and jammed out with the xylophone

Sarah danced beautifully

and Dennis serenaded us with his voice (while he wasn't rocking out on the guitar)

Thank you for the fun night, friends!

Happy New Year!!!