Monday, January 4

Jesus Wants Me For a Sun... BEAM!

Little Emma Mae graduated from nursery into Primary at church yesterday.

She is such a tiny sunbeam... definitely the youngest in her class since she JUST turned three.

Some highlights of the day?

Her daddy pulled a string on her tights during sacrament meeting

Which made a huge hole bigger than her knee

So, we took them off

She sat so reverently during the first 15-20 minutes of Primary

Then, she started trying out different chairs around the room

Including the ones up front for the speakers

Then, she and Sarah sat together

With their arms around each other

It couldn't have been cuter

After class, Emma's teacher told me she wanted to squeeze her cute cheeks

So she did

Emma giggled


Katie Jane said...

That is so sweet! I love it. Claire was a little sunbeam too. I was nervous for her. She emerged victorious with crown that said I am a child of God. Perfect. I love your side bar pictures of your kids!!

Eric and Jenny said...

Doesn't it just kill ya!

Luke was the tiniest sunbeam in there too and I just wanted to cry! I don't know what it is about sending your kids to the big primary but nothing makes me prouder than seeing them sitting there so revrently and quietly, melts your heart. I don't blame Emma's teacher I would have wanted to squeeze her cheeks too!

suds2004 said...

Wait a min. When is her birthday? Does she have the same birthday as Ben. Ben missed moving to primary by 2 days. Poor boy is stuck in nursery another year.

geeno said...

primary! another milestone