Monday, October 31

Halloween 2011

I had a hard time figuring out Halloween costumes this year.  It seems like we end up spending money on something that turns out to be kind of wasteful - something that we just end up putting in storage after Halloween is over.  I stalled until the last possible day, and then gathered everyone's costumes hours before our church Halloween party. 

The girls only had one thing in mind:  Princess Fairies
We found some cute wings and leg warmers to go with their dance clothes, and voila!  We had a couple costumes.

We hit the jackpot with Andrew.  There is a load of boy cousins on the Hunger side.  Luckily, the family of 4 boys donated some clothes to Andrew a few weeks ago.  They are football fanatics and had grown out of this cute get-up.  (I don't think they ever used it as a costume.  It was just standard play attire in their home).  Love it.

Jared and I were visiting Dennis few lunch a few days ago.  Dennis was carrying Jared around the hospital, and a woman exclaimed "It's Mini-Me!"  Every time someone sees Jared for the first time, they say the same thing.  Honestly, NO ONE doesn't say that Jared looks just like Dennis.  So, it gave me an idea.  Jared needed some new clothes for church, Dennis made him a name tag identical to his own (only with Jared's picture in it), and Jared's costume was complete.  Meet Mr. Dennis Hunger and his side kick Miniature Dennis Hunger.

Sunday, October 30

More Fall Fun

Simply put:  We have been enjoying fall this year...

Wednesday, October 19


When I get distracted with a task, Jared often comes up missing.

Every time that happens, he has been climbing.

Climbing the stairs and getting stuck at the top.

Climbing into the empty bath tub.

Climbing up the step stool in the downstairs bathroom.

This monkey likes to climb.

And he has no remorse.

Monday, October 17


Pajamas + Daddy + Tickling = Smiles

Wednesday, October 12

The Leaves are Falling Down

And we are enjoying Fall...

Some days you just don't want a camera in your face.  It was one of those days for Andrew.

Our yard has the best yard!  We love playing outside when we have a warm Fall day.

Monday, October 10

Jared Lee is One Year Old!

Our sweet baby Jared turned one on Saturday!  
It's crazy how it seems like a year was so long ago, but at the same time it goes by so quickly.
We celebrated by inviting over all the Hunger's who live in Iowa.  
We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, ate cake, and watched the Hawkeye football game.

 I made the cake the day before his birthday, and the kids were in awe of Jared's "Hawkeye cake."  We were lucky there were only two places where fingers went into the frosting in those 24 hours, and even luckier those places were on the sides!

I wish I was a better photographer, but I'm not.  
So, this is just a simple shot of Jared on his big day.

 Jared's face was frozen like this while we all sang "Happy Birthday." 
He looked very worried that we were off key.

 But, he was pleased once he got a little taste of his own cake.

 "I'm ONE!"

 He kept his right hand clean for a really long time,
and just focused on the cake with that left hand.
This look makes me smile.

... Oh those baby blues!

 "Stop with the paparazzi already!"

 Licking the plate - a talent only true sugar lovers have.

 When he opened the presents that were in bags, he ripped out the tissue paper, and then just peered inside the bag for the longest time.  He wouldn't reach in and get the gift.

His Grandpa and Grandpa Hunger's card had a monkey on it, and he kept kissing the monkey over and over.  He hardly even gives kisses to us, but he sure did love that monkey!

Happy boy with one of his toys.

All About Jared:
  • Sleeps 12 hours at night (7 pm to 7 am) and takes 2 naps during the day
  • Loves his bottle, bananas, peaches, applesauce, vanilla wafers, Cheetos, Honeycomb cereal, oatmeal, and anything off Mommy's plate
  • Plays really well on his own and even jabbers more when the older kids aren't around
  • Stands up on his own when he's in the mood
  • Will cruise around furniture and walk when holding hands
  • Very good-natured still, but really gets worked up when he thinks it's time to eat
  • Snorts when he's excited or happy.  He kind of breathes in and out really heavy.  Dennis and I think it is cute, nerdy, and really funny.
Happy Birthday Jared Lee!  We love you, little guy.

Wednesday, October 5

Fall - Farm - Fun

We spent Sunday afternoon with Dennis's Grandma and Auntie on their farmstead.

It was the perfect fall day for:



 Hiding in the ready-to-harvest corn field

 Taking a stroll near the old barn

 Walking under one of the bridges because the creek was dry

 Riding in the red wagon

 Catching a ball and a perfect picture in the dry creek bed

 Running through the soy bean leaves in farm boots

 Climbing trees together

 Or alone

 Hammering in nails in the old fence post

And having Sarah take a quick picture for proof these kids really do have a Mom & Dad!