Wednesday, October 5

Fall - Farm - Fun

We spent Sunday afternoon with Dennis's Grandma and Auntie on their farmstead.

It was the perfect fall day for:



 Hiding in the ready-to-harvest corn field

 Taking a stroll near the old barn

 Walking under one of the bridges because the creek was dry

 Riding in the red wagon

 Catching a ball and a perfect picture in the dry creek bed

 Running through the soy bean leaves in farm boots

 Climbing trees together

 Or alone

 Hammering in nails in the old fence post

And having Sarah take a quick picture for proof these kids really do have a Mom & Dad!


Ashley Dickman said...

how fun! the girls already look so much older to me! I want that old barn and cool tree! so excited for y'all to be near family!

p.s. please get that hammer away from Andrew! ;)

Katie Jane said...

Such good memories your kids are making!! I still think you need to move back here so we can be neighbors...

Jon and Melissa said...

So glad you got a picture of the two of you! It is so nice to have a child old enough to do that once in a while! Looks like so much fun-makes me kind of want to break out!

geeno said...

i'm so glad there's a photos of you two in there! that was one of my new year's resolutions for 2011 and guess what... fail! can't find any photos of me and/or ryan so a huge good job to you!

and wow, this looks like a rockin farm and a way fun family day!