Thursday, September 29


As I was walking Emma and Andrew into school Tuesday, a little boy from Andrew's class said hello to him.  He turned to see who it was, and tripped on a cement platform holding a metal sign.  I was about 15 feet behind Andrew, and I had a feeling it could be bad.  I came from behind him and put my hand over his forehead before I looked at it.  Sure enough, the blood was there and lots of it. I knew without a doubt it was going to need stitches.  Emma went into class while the boys and I headed to the hospital.
Luckily, Andrew had his jacket with him and I kept reminding him to hold it tight on his "owie" for the 2 mile drive.  About halfway there he stopped responding to me, and I got nervous.  He finally said, "I don't want to talk, Mommy."  He just went into a little shell and put on a tough exterior.  We don't really have a doctor here yet, so I ran to the back door of the hospital and shouted into Dennis's secretary that I had the boys and Andrew needed stitches (of course it was the one day I didn't take my phone with me)!
There are definite perks to Dennis working right there in the hospital and being the CEO.  We went into the clinic hooked to the hospital, and within minutes they had us in a room and the doctor was there too.  I'm pretty sure he was on his lunch hour, but he was nice enough to fix up Andrew's poor forehead.
It only took about 20 minutes, and 5 stitches.  Andrew didn't talk to anyone the whole time, and didn't wrestle around or anything.  He is a tough kid.  Afterwards, Andrew begged me and begged me to take him to school, but I decided he needed the day off after such a big event! 
This is our third kid to get stitches on their forehead at age 3. Well, they were able to glue Sarah's, but still.  How weird is that?  I just don't get it... he wasn't running or anything.  It makes me a little nervous everytime one of the kids get hurt, I'm on edge about anything potentially dangerous for days!

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Jon and Melissa said...

Ahh! Seriously??? I shouldn't say this out loud, but I haven't had to deal with this yet and I know I don't watch my kids as well as you! Maybe it only happens if you watch them too well...I am just saying-it happened to Katie too.