Wednesday, September 7


Emma and Andrew both started preschool yesterday.  They have been waiting a very, very long time.  The start date was supposed to be last Thursday (which was already a full week after Sarah started school), but due to a heat wave the first two days were cancelled and then we had Labor Day... 

In our school district, the state funds a preschool program for all 4-year-olds.  They go 4 days a week for 2 1/2 hours each day.  I opted to put her in afternoon preschool so that she could ride the bus home with Sarah (their schools are on the same campus).  Emma has been ready for this for a long time.  She just loves making new friends and meeting new situations head on.  A couple weeks ago we were able to go to the school and meet her teacher.  She ran right up to her and gave her a big hug.  Luckily, her teacher smiled and gave her a hug back.  I think they are going to be a good fit!

When we moved, I immediately started calling around, looking around, and asking around about a preschool for Andrew.  I only found a couple places that I was interested in and one of them was at inconvenient times, and the other was WAY out of our price range.  I was pretty discouraged, and then heard a little rumor that Emma's preschool would allow 3-year-olds to attend if there was room, and we just had to pay tuition for him.  My original plan was to have Andrew only attend a couple days a week - just something for him to look forward to and a chance to get out of the house and learn to interact with others without me.  But, four 1/2 days a week sounded like a lot for such a little boy.  After weighing it out, Dennis and I thought this would still be the best option.  So, I called the school and they said to wait and call back because they were completely full.  A couple days later, I was at the school for something for Sarah.  That day they told me there really wasn't much of a chance of Andrew getting in... then, the very next morning I got a call telling me that there was room for him!  I could have him attend in the afternoon like Emma, and they could even have different teachers.  What a blessing! 

I dropped the kids off after lunch yesterday, and they ran right to their teachers.  I love that they are both so bold and confident.  I admit it makes me a little sad, but I am definitely grateful for it at the same time.  Little Jared and I had a wonderful afternoon running errands together and then we came back home for his nap and a little silence for me.  It was wonderful. 

I was nervous about my three little people riding the bus home together.  I probably bugged their teachers to death reminding them they all needed to get on together.  Happily, they all arrived back safe and sound with huge smiles on their faces (except for Andrew who was asleep on the bus and I had to walk on and get him).  He gave me the tightest squeeze he's given in a long time, which made my day.

After hearing the report for the day, it was all positive... except for one little tidbit.  Andrew told me his teacher was naughty.  I wondered what on earth she could have done to make him say that.  He told me she put cream all over the tables!  (They "painted" with shaving cream).  Hahaha... I'm glad he knew that making messes is naughty. 


Katie Jane said...

I can't believe you just have Jared! That is seriously wonderful. Good luck Saturday! I will be thinking about you!

smithsmiles said...

I love Emma's curls! Andrew looks ready to go!

Eric and Jenny said...

Hey I wanted to tell you, I added a disclaimer on my recommendation of the Outlander series so read it first if you plan on getting them from the library!

I just wanted you to know!