Wednesday, September 28

Called To Serve

My parents are finally there!
They are on their mission, and as far as I've heard everything is going well.
They were originally set to leave for the MTC on August 1st, and fly out to the Solomon Islands on August 8th.
Because of a delay getting their visas, they went into the MTC last week, and flew out to the Solomons Monday night.
While in the MTC, we got to talk to them or text them each night, then they were able to spend the weekend at home.
They had a big dinner with siblings and their kids (I'm so sad my little family missed out), said their final good-byes and boarded the first of 3 planes to get there.
They first went to Los Angeles, California; then to Brisbane, Australia; then to Honiara, Solomon.
It took about 26 hours in all to travel.
I heard late last night from my oldest brother that they had made it safely and were waiting on an internet connection so that we can talk to them more.
I can't wait until that happens!
I am so excited to hear about everything.
What an amazing two years it's going to be for them!

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Jon and Melissa said...

So crazy exciting! They will be amazing and even though you will miss them like crazy your little family will receive so many blessings because of them. My kids don't know what to pray for any more now that their Grandparents are home!