Tuesday, October 28

Blogging Binge...

I feel like a bulimic blogger. I starve myself of blogging for such a long time that I have to binge to hurry and catch up with all that we've been up to!

As I mentioned before, we took a last minute - fast as can be - trip to Iowa two weeks ago. There is a gravitational force that pulls Dennis to Iowa in the fall. It must have something to do with harvesting, football, and family! We spent some time on a family friend's farm... Dennis and the girls drove a couple tractors, rode in the corn combine, and then we all played in one of the corn wagons when it was full. That was the best! It was like a huge sandbox, but with billions of corn kernels instead of sand. I've been wanting to do that since we got married, so this year I finally got my chance.

Dennis and the girls in the John Deere 4455... headed off to take the wagons to be filled with harvested corn

Dennis and the girls in the combine, filling up one wagon - this is so cool to watch! I loved it!

I wanted to show what the field looks like after the combine picks the corn - all the stalks are shredded on the ground, and the ear of corn is left without the kernels. FYI: this is field corn that is used to make corn meal and a million other things - it is not the sweet corn you buy at the grocery store and eat off the cob.

If you look really close, you can see Dennis and the girls in there.

Andrew didn't realize he was missing out on some of the fun - this kid is so happy!

Three VERY happy people here...

Andrew thought the corn wagon was pretty cool, although he did try to eat it the whole time!

Our best attempt at getting all three looking at the same time

Love it...

Last weekend, there was a circus in town. I don't know what I was thinking, but I've never been to a circus before. I had in my head these amazing acts and huge animals (ie. lions and elephants). I forgot to factor in the fact that we don't live in a huge town so a huge circus wasn't realistic for our town. Oh well, the kids had a good time. It was all worth it in the end.

The kids and me all prepped for the big event

Sarah took a little pony ride outside the show. She named her pony "Bella," and talked about her for a couple of days afterwards

For Family Home Evening this week, we did what everyone seems to do this time of year. We carved our lonely little jack-o-lantern. Sarah was a pro and remembered what to do with all the "yucky guts," so she showed Emma the ropes. It was so much fun watching them clean out the pumpkin together. I wish I had video I could put on here to show just how great it was.

What's gonna work...? TEAMWORK!
Andrew: the innocent bystander taking notes for next year

Our finished product. I know, I know... we're really boring with the carving!


Thursday, October 16


We are in Iowa for a long weekend, which is wonderful because I was so ready for a change of pace! The drive went wonderfully and we didn't even hit any deer on the way this time.

We'll be busy having fun for the next few days...

To be continued!

Tuesday, October 7

Missy Mae in the Middle

Sometimes I worry about Emma because she's a middle child. I mean... she only got to be the baby of the family for such a short amount of time. Luckily, this little girl came built in with a personality that refuses to be ignored. Whether she's grabbing our hand to lead us to what she wants, nudging her way in for a cuddle, teasing her siblings, or showing us the "Emma-tude" with a tantrum, Emma shows us that she is a force to reckon with. She tries to keep up with Sarah and still manages to have her own preferences too. We love this little girl!

She loves her sunglasses, but ALWAYS prefers them on top of her head

Ready for some stroller action

Goof-ball Emma... you can see her eyes and mouth through the plate. So funny!

I just love this shot showing how great Emma's relationship is with her Dad. Her little dress tie came undone and Dennis is fixing it for her. I love how she's hugging his legs.

Bedtime Battles? Nope... just a little fun with Daddy.

Emma loves food! I think it's so funny the look she gets on her face when she's about to dig into something. "Watch out cake... here I come!"

Another day... still loves the cake.

Always ready for a good time

Friday, October 3

Catching up is hard to do...

Blogging world: it's been a long time! Sometimes I just feel like a crazy little mom running around like a chicken with its head cut off. It's usually fun, but stressful and chaotic too!

In the past few weeks we've: celebrated Dennis's birthday, enjoyed the college football season, taken Sarah to her first dentist appointment, and I was lucky to get to have my mom come visit for a week.

Birthday Bash
Being such a sweet dad that he is, Dennis chose Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday dinner. Sarah and Emma were in heaven, of course. What a treat!

Vroom... vroom!

Emma lovin' on Chuck... she's always lovin' on something!

Sarah and Dennis's favorite: the wave runner
It took us about 20 minutes of persuading to get Emma out of the maze toy - even then we asked another little girl to help Emma down to us!

Innocent bystanders

Happy Hawkeye
It's fall and that means two things to my Hunger man: farming and football. A local farmer had Dennis plow a field the other night (it's not Iowa farming, but it was farming nonetheless). And... we've all caught the Hawkeye spirit for football season. Every Saturday Andrew dresses up in his gear, Sarah cheers alongside Dennis, and we enjoy a good game.

Ready for game time

Sarah kept putting Drew's hat on him backwards - so sweet.

Open Wide
Sarah had her first dentist appointment last week. Dennis and I talked about it, and we decided she would probably get really nervous and wouldn't sit still. Any way it went, we were going to let Sarah take the lead and go with it. That morning, I had Sarah pick out a special outfit she wanted to wear, and I kept coaching her that "just Mommy and Sarah" were going to the dentist. (She liked that a lot)! So, I had my appointment first, and she watched and played and was perfect. She even got a little too close a few times and had her face right up at my mouth - just trying to check things out. Then came her turn... she got a little nervous, but when I asked her if she wanted me to sit next to her she said, "Yep, then I won't be scared." That was it. She sat there, let them clean her teeth, floss, and x-ray. What a little angel! Now every time we drive by the dentist's office on our way somewhere, she points it out and tells us all about it.

They gave her sunglasses "in case the light was too bright." They were a big hit.

Nice teeth, girl!

Mommy-Daughter Time
My mom and I kept pretty busy while she was here between the shopping, baking, making cards, feeding kids, and having a great time. I love it when my mom comes because I have a friend with me all day to talk to and play with. A couple of the nights she was here, Dennis had meetings at night so we even watched a few chick flicks. It was a fun week, and I was so sad to see her go. Here are a couple pictures of one of our shopping trips, but I can't believe we didn't even get one picture of us together!

The girls liked sharing the teeny-tiny cart at Old Navy

Sarah tried on a hat at every store we went to... she looks so en vogue.