Tuesday, April 28

More and More

Just a few more pictures we've taken over the past few days that I haven't gotten around to blogging about...

Andrew ditched his tie before we even got to church Sunday, so Emma tried it on for size. I love that she got it on in the right spot. She was so proud!

After church on Sunday, the girls came out of our closet after Daddy helped them change their clothes - cutest little cowgirls I've ever seen.

Poor children!!! Somehow Emma has now learned how to make "scary" faces. While I was making dinner one day, I turned around to find the girls looking like this. I couldn't not take a picture!

We got to break out the pool a few days ago, and all the kids had fun playing in the water. We even had a couple neighbors over. It was a regular block party. This is Sarah's friend that lives across the street. They play all time together and even go to preschool together - it's great.

Andrew's first time in a swimsuit. This little guy look sooo cute toddling around the yard in his trunks. He just wanted to play with the garden hose.

Monday, April 27

Play Ball!

Last weekend, our community had a celebration in honor of the land run in 1889. One of the events was an old-time baseball game, which Dennis was invited to play in. They wear old-time uniforms, play with some funny rules, and have a good time.

Sarah and Emma loved running around on the bleachers, making friends and eating other people's peanuts. Andrew kept scaring me that he would fit through the bleachers and fall, but I managed to snap a few pictures while chasing the kids around and making sure no one got hurt!

Dennis is the third one from the left - waving at the camera

Batter Up! (they used to call the batter a striker, so I guess it's Strike Up!)

Emma taking a swing at it

The boys - oh so cute...

The fam with our baseball hero

Tale As Old As Time

Last week, Dennis and I took Sarah on a date with us. We went to see a live play of "Beauty & The Beast." That morning, we found out Sarah had a double ear infection, but we had the tickets and decided to take her anyway. We were glad we did! It was a fun night to spoil Sarah...

I love the music from this show! It is so fun because it really takes me back to when I was a kid. That is one of the greatest things about being a mom is getting to re-experience all those fun things from my own childhood with my kids.

Happy to be with Mommy & Daddy

She just wanted to give Belle a hug, but was very scared of "The Beast"

Wednesday, April 15

Horsin' Around

Last weekend, we visited some horses that our friends have. It was such a fun Saturday afternoon!

Sarah got to bask in the joy of the horses. She fed them hay, grain, and petted any who would let her. She even got to ride a couple of them. The only disappointment for the day for her was that the two baby horses were too scared to let her pet them!

Emma watched everything happen with wary eyes. She was in the middle of a struggle with a cold, so Emma wasn't her normal outgoing, nothing-can-stop-me self.

Andrew had a good time toddling around, dragging ropes and water hoses here and there, and keeping me busy as he tried to put everything in his mouth... including horse poop. I was able to intercept that one just in time!

"Why do donkey's ears stick up like that?"

Andrew wasn't afraid at all, but later he found ropes and hoses that were more interesting to him.

Emma was a really good sport about everything

That horse is just a LITTLE stronger than Sarah thought. I love the look on her face!

Helping Daddy feed the horsies some hay

That's right... she's a true cow girl riding BARE BACK!!

Monday, April 13

Hoppy Easter!

Holidays just keeping getting more and more fun as our kids get older. Now Sarah and Emma both get excited for things like the Easter Bunny coming, and Andrew plays along pretty well too. The Easter Bunny hid all the eggs inside this year because it was rainy, but everyone had a great time. Sarah liked all the candy, Emma loved the books the Easter bunny brought, and Andrew liked making a mess with the Easter grass. The funny thing is that Andrew was probably the best one at finding the eggs - he really knows how to find something, even when you try to hide it!

We colored eggs for the first time as a family on Saturday. I'm thinking about going to WalMart and getting more egg coloring kits... What an easy activity that really was fun for everyone!

We put Sarah's name on one of the eggs, and she begged her dad not to crack it to use for the deviled eggs we made. She just told me that we have to make more now...

The girls response when we told them they could have cake if they smiled for the camera!

Wednesday, April 1

Primary Songs...

Is there anything more uplifting than wonderful primary songs from our childhood? For me... they are hard to beat. The song in my head this morning????

I love Daddy
He loves me...
We love Sarah, yesiree!
She loves us and so you see...
We are a happy FAMILY!

I love Daddy
He loves me...
We love Emma, yesiree!
She loves us and so you see...
We are a happy FAMILY!

I love Daddy
He loves me...
We love Andrew, yesiree!
She loves us and so you see...
We are a happy FAMILY!