Wednesday, March 25

Date Night

My little Sarah and I got to have a mommy-daughter date last night. Dennis got some tickets from work for a horse show at the local arena. Sarah has been a horse lover for almost 2 years. I can't believe the obsession has lasted that long, but it's fun that it has.

I love that Sarah and I got to spend some time together - just the two of us. We got drinks twice, ate popcorn, went to the bathroom twice, and sat in three different spots. It was a great night, and the horses weren't bad either.

The horses were called Lipizzaner Stallions, and they are completely white - absolutely gorgeous. They did tricks and "danced" to classical music. Some of the things they did were really impressive. Sarah LOVED it and she loved me for taking her, which was a nice perk for me!

Monday, March 23

Can't Get Much Better

I don't think there is much better in the world than having kids freshly out of the bath and dressed in their jammies. I'm not always in the mood to give everyone a bath, but when we do it is so nice to cuddle and smell that clean scent.

After a great Sunday... all clean and ready for bed

Andrew's look is really changing lately. He's a big boy! Check out all those teeth: 10 teeth all in the last three months.

Completely Unrelated...
This weekend, Emma fell off a friend's bunk bed and kissed the floor. She was such a trooper and hardly cried about it. A spotted raspberry showed up on her forehead immediately and looked pretty bad, but we couldn't see anything else wrong. She told us, "Owie, nose!" Sure enough, the scrapes on her nose and on the upper lip showed up the next day.

Wednesday, March 18

Parking It

Spring has sprung!!! (at least for this week anyway)...

We have really enjoyed the warm weather. Most of our time each day has been spent outside enjoying the warmth of the sun. The grass is yet to be green, but we will take anything we can get right now.

For Family Home Evening this week, we made a trip to the park. It was wonderful that Andrew is really getting to play with us more, the girls had a blast with their dad, and everyone slept REALLY well that night. It was so great!

Daddy and Sarah cheesing it on the jungle gym

Andrew is becoming a little monkey

"Higher Daddy, higher!"
(or in Emma's words..."Hidey Daddy!")

Enjoying the perfect evening from a great seat

Friday, March 13

One Year Older and Wiser Too!

Our little baby is a year old! Is that even possible? Andrew is now entering the toddler phase of his life... or he will when he's good and ready to walk.

Some facts about our BIG boy at one year old:
  • He does not like being dressed! While changing a diaper or even changing clothes, Andrew squirms away and tries to make a run (or crawl) for it. He hates those pesky clothes. (He is extremely fast at getting away too. I have to pin him down for diaper changes).
  • Andrew jabbers... a lot. His favorite LOUD conversations occur during church or while we're trying to talk on the phone. The boy just wants to be heard!
  • He tries to walk occasionally. Depending on his mood for the day, Andrew will walk halfway across the room or absolutely refuse to try. It just depends on what he wants. He will stand himself up constantly throughout the day just to get a better view of the room, but he's unsure of himself while walking.
  • He likes different foods. Andrew will eat almost anything off our plates. He doesn't like baby foods, and almost refuses to be spoon-fed. But if it comes off our plate or he can feed himself with his hands he is good to go!
  • He has the sweetest smile! Seriously... there is something about his smile that just makes me happy. It's almost like a mischievous little grin that says, "I'm cute, but I'm trouble!"
  • Andrew is curious. No matter where I am in the house, I constantly turn around and find things taken apart and out of their place. He also likes to "help" after I've cleaned up the toys. The minute the last toy bin is put away, he sneaks behind me and pulls out as many toys as he can reach. What a boy!
  • He is a MOMMA'S BOY. Andrew has a real affection for his mommy. It is very endearing when it's not inconvenient.
  • We love Andrew! He is one great boy and we'll keep him!

For Andrew's birthday we made a tractor cake, what else? It was a hit! I had never used fondant frosting, so I was extremely intimidated, but it turned out pretty good. Better in some ways than I imagined and worse in other ways. All in all, it was a success and Andrew thoroughly enjoyed devouring it.

Sarah and Emma had fun celebrating Andrew's birthday. They watched him eat his cake and helped a little, only taking a couple bites themselves. They did great at letting Andrew really experience it on his own. Then, they got down to business with the presents and helped unwrap them faster than Andrew could see them. It was a very fun party.

I added a little personalization after the real details were complete

"It's just a little bite, Mom."

"Hmmm... pretty good."

"Hey, this is fun!"

"I need more!"


Wednesday, March 4

Most Embarrassing...

I meant to put this on my last post, but I completely forgot. It is just too funny not to share!

The Sunday we were in San Diego we all got dressed up and ready for church. I had brought my favorite skirt to wear. I've had it since the end of high school (but it still looks in style) and it doesn't wrinkle so it was perfect to bring. It is a flirty little skirt, knee-length, red, and has ties around the waist - one on each hip.

Our little family sat in the middle of a big bench between Brenda's family (my sister) and TJ's family (my brother). That was our first mistake - sitting in the middle with our young kids. While the sacrament was being passed, Andrew started getting really loud. Dennis quietly got up and stood in the very back behind the over-flow seats. Then, as the water came Emma got really upset because I wouldn't let her take her own cup. When I do let her take it, she always spills it or spills all the other cups around it too. So, as she began her "Emma-tude" I ditched Sarah and started scooting along past TJ's family. As I got just a couple steps into the aisle I felt something at my ankles. I looked down.... and my skirt had completely fallen down! While we had been sitting, Emma accidently untied my skirt, but I had forgot about it. Yes, I did have a slip on thankfully! I glanced back at Dennis with the most horror-stricken face and grabbed my skirt with my free hand. By the time I'd walked the five or six steps out the door to the foyer I had tears streaming down my face. Dennis met me and was trying to help me feel better, but I was crying because I was laughing so hard. He kept telling me, "Just be glad that this isn't our home ward!" Needless to say, I didn't go back to my seat during the meeting.

After church, we piled out of our rental car back at the beach house. Well... what do you know? It happened again! Right there on the street as I was about to cross with tons of cars passing by. I don't know if that is my favorite skirt anymore or not!

Each of my family members had something different to say about the incident. TJ's family didn't even notice. Brenda's husband said he heard people behind him laughing, and he glanced back to see what was so funny. And, Scott and Brice's family were sitting in front of 4 missionaries who just happened to be sitting in the bench next to me when I lost my skirt. I guess they were laughing quite a bit too. I think that was more than Elder's are supposed to see, don't you?

So, now that I've shared a humiliating experience.... what is your most embarrassing moment?

Monday, March 2

Sunny San Diego

Last week found us in San Diego with my whole family including my parents, all my siblings, their spouses, and children. There were 27 of us, 15 being under the age of 11, and two people had birthdays while we were there. It was packed with fun, excitement, relaxation, and noise. We went to Lego Land California for two of the days (which is extremely kid-friendly by the way... perfect for our girls), spent some time on the beach, and just enjoyed one another's company.

Here are a lot of pictures from our stay...

Sarah's favorite ride at Lego Land

Emma's favorite ride too!

Everything was either made of legos, or looked like it was

Sarah's little driving course

Sarah's driver's license she got after the driving course. We tried and tried to show her how to hold the license so that we could see her face... I guess it's more fun this way!

All locked up. See the lock is made of legos... who gets the job to make those anyway?

Andrew endured the long stroller ride well - dozing off for a while.

Emma looks too cute in huge glasses! These are for the 4D movie we saw in LegoLand.

One ride Sarah did NOT enjoy. It bounced up and down a lot...
She is riding with my niece, sister-in-law, and two nephews.

Emma was content to find a make shift sand box while Sarah rode the "scary ride."

Girls on the beach

Enjoying the smooth sand and warm weather

What a great-looking couple!

Sarah made "sand angels" every chance she could get. When you don't get snow, I guess you made do with what you have!

Sweet squeezes from Emma

Cute cuddles from Andrew

Andrew is just getting some good grit into his diet.

"Hey mom! Stop taking pictures and come eat some sand with me."

So picturesque that I had to take a picture

Completely exhausted at the end of a great week!