Wednesday, April 28

Today is Your Birthday!

Our Sarah pie honey bunch turned 5!

How on earth did that happen?

Celebrations included:

scrambled eggs for dinner

opening presents

eating the requested Polly Pocket cake

Sarah had a fun birthday... and we all had fun celebrating with our favorite 5-year-old.

Monday, April 19

Pizza Party


Make pizza crust
(Emma rolled out her own!)

Spread sauce

Sprinkle cheese & pepperoni

Make silly pizza faces

Bake & Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 6


Last week, Andrew had a little play date with his cute buddy.

Thanks to my sweet friend for watching Andrew, and for letting me steal your pictures!!

This is the first time he had ever played with a friend without Sarah and Emma around.

They played football,

did some sandy stuff,

played chase,
(by the way, I couldn't love this picture more)

and did a little sliding as well.

He had the best time and told us all the way home, "Mom! Mom! FUN!"

Sunday, April 4

Easter Time!

I love that Easter falls on General Conference weekend this year....

Easter is one of the two times a year some people go to church, while this year it is one of the only two weeks a year when we DON'T go to church.

We dressed up the kids in their Easter clothes last week,
but Andrew didn't want a picture unless I was holding him.
I'll take the cuddles anytime I can get them!

The Easter Bunny prepared an indoor Easter egg hunt for the Hunger kids this year so that they could hunt in their PJ's and spoil their breakfast. (the Easter Bunny maybe should have thought that through a little better)!

Sarah and Emma were very excited!

but Andrew just didn't want anyone to touch his candy!

Happy Easter!
It is a wonderful time of year. The new life that spring brings is a beautiful reminder of the new life that our Heavenly Father has promised to us.
We are grateful for the continual love and blessings our Father sends to our family.

Thursday, April 1


Yes, it's true... we are expecting Hunger baby #4! We are very, very excited.

Sarah keeps telling every pregnant woman she sees that "mommy has a baby in her tummy too!"

Emma wants her baby to be a girl so that "she can wear pwetty dwesses."

So, come mid-October we'll go from being a family of 5 to a family of 6.

Hurry up, October... we can hardly wait!