Sunday, April 4

Easter Time!

I love that Easter falls on General Conference weekend this year....

Easter is one of the two times a year some people go to church, while this year it is one of the only two weeks a year when we DON'T go to church.

We dressed up the kids in their Easter clothes last week,
but Andrew didn't want a picture unless I was holding him.
I'll take the cuddles anytime I can get them!

The Easter Bunny prepared an indoor Easter egg hunt for the Hunger kids this year so that they could hunt in their PJ's and spoil their breakfast. (the Easter Bunny maybe should have thought that through a little better)!

Sarah and Emma were very excited!

but Andrew just didn't want anyone to touch his candy!

Happy Easter!
It is a wonderful time of year. The new life that spring brings is a beautiful reminder of the new life that our Heavenly Father has promised to us.
We are grateful for the continual love and blessings our Father sends to our family.


Eric and Jenny said...

What darling kids in their Easter clothes. I am horrible and forgot last week to put my boys in their Easter clothes, oh well. It was kinda great having Easter fall on Conference Sunday, so relaxing and made Conference all the more special.

suds2004 said...

I am hoping to shop today for Easter clothes. I am hoping they are on sale! You have such a darling family!

geeno said...

i think i'm lovin your dress too - it looks super cute

i wish bel wouldn't touch candy - that's just plain incredible!

Jon and Melissa said...

Happy Easter! Love your girls dresses. I really want to start that tradition. You should have had one to match!