Wednesday, April 28

Today is Your Birthday!

Our Sarah pie honey bunch turned 5!

How on earth did that happen?

Celebrations included:

scrambled eggs for dinner

opening presents

eating the requested Polly Pocket cake

Sarah had a fun birthday... and we all had fun celebrating with our favorite 5-year-old.


Ashley Dickman said...

we thought about her on her special day! I told Kaden it was her birthday that day and he was so concerned about when he will be 5! Glad her day was good!

Jon and Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! Love your cakes-My Emma had a very similar cake this year as well. Hope you had a great day!

Andie said...

5!! I can't believe it! Once again, cute cakes and you are an amazing mother. While you are in Utay, maybe you could help me start a blog :) Love ya!