Saturday, February 27

just to hear you say that you love me

Silly Emma.
Sweet, silly Emma.

Emma has always been our most affectionate child.
She loves to cuddle.
She needs lots of kisses.
She doesn't understand other's personal space at all.

Lately, she has come up with a cute little idea.
With all that love she carries, comes a ball of fire too.
Sometimes she gets frustrated with Mommy, Daddy, AND Sarah all "helping" her and telling her what to do.
Her response?
"Don't tell me!!! But... I love you."

In one breath she goes from a ball of fire to a sweet, loving angel.
We love you too, Emma.

Note: To those of you asking about how I changed my font, I used the instructions from here. It took a while, but was worth it!

Saturday, February 20

To a loved one...

Our Dearest Spring,

Please come back to us and stay! We enjoyed you so much visiting this week, but we really didn't get our fill. We want you, we need you, we love you!

The girls want to explore in the yard (and the nieghbor's yards), swing on the swingset, and burn some energy. Andrew wants to get dirty, run around with sticks, and eat dirt!

Three adorable little kids and their mommy

Thursday, February 11

Pop the corn

Life doesn't get much better than some good old fashioned (pink) popcorn, a great movie (Barbie and the Island Princess), and a cuddly blankie.

Saturday, February 6

The secret of life...

is relaxing in the tub... even if you are too big and you're fully clothed!