Monday, October 15

Silly Train

Sunday afternoons...

They can be pretty long when church gets over at 12:00.

Plus, as branch president Daddy leaves at 7:00 am doesn't get home until after 3:00 or 4:00 pm.

So, Sunday evening are spent playing games and having fun together as a family.

Trust me... these kids have earned it!

Monday, October 8

I can't believe he is 2!

Jared Lee is two!  How did that happen? 

This little guy is so fun to have around.  We absolutely love having him in our family.

He is pretty easy-going, goes to bed great, and plays on his own really well.

His cake was a hit.  He wanted to play with the trucks all day and all night too!

We love this sweet guy.

Happy Birthday Jared.