Saturday, November 15

Surprise Party!

Instructions for a surprise party:

Blow up some balloons

Play with the balloons

Make a "bread-cookie-pizza"

Throw the balloons in the air

Chase the balloons around the room

Hide under the table until Daddy gets home

Yesterday at about noon, Sarah started asking me if we could make something for Daddy. I asked her what we should make, and she said, "Um... let's make bread-cookie-pizza!" So, I figured fruit pizza was about the best we could do with that request.

Once the treat was finished, she started talking about having a surprise party for Daddy. She's really into birthdays right now and is always telling us that tomorrow is her birthday and Mommy's birthday and Daddy's birthday.

I thought she was so cute to want to throw Daddy a surprise party that we ended up spending a lot of the afternoon preparing (and playing) for the party.

Daddy sure was surprised...

This was the favorite part of the whole evening for Sarah and Emma!

Monday, November 10

Some Funny Stuff

Last night, after a very long day, we were all a little on edge. None of the kids had eaten a good dinner and Andrew was cranky. He hasn't quite been himself the last few days, actually. Well, Sarah and Emma got to chasing each other around and Andrew thought they were really funny. Pretty soon, anything Sarah did would make him laugh. He was squealing and having a great time. I think that's the most I've ever heard him giggle. I like how Emma is sneaking Sarah's strawberry milk while the other two are occupied!

As usual... pause the music to hear the whole video.

Monday, November 3

Hauntingly Fun Halloween

We had so much fun this Halloween. My favorite part is always dressing up the kids. I also love that I can still pick the costumes for 2 of our 3. Sarah wanted to be Cinderella, what else? And going with the Disney theme, Emma was Minnie Mouse (now on it's second round since Sarah used it a couple years ago) and Andrew matched her dressed as Mickey Mouse. I loved it, and though I may be a bit biased... they looked utterly adorable!

Last Tuesday, our ward had a "Truck-or-Treat" at the church so they had some practice dressing up. Then, on Halloween we were able to visit Dennis for lunch in the costumes, and that afternoon we went trick-or-treating downtown. All the business owners sit out on the sidewalk and pass out candy. It is perfect for our kids' age because it's still light outside and warm. It was a very fun Halloween!

Our little crew

Mickey & Minnie
(Sarah kept telling me all week, "Andrew is going to be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Emma is going to be Mickey Mouse the girl!"

The girls - Sarah LOVED her glass slippers

Solo shot of Cinderella


Emma didn't want to get back into the car after trick-or-treating downtown. I thought this was such a great candid shot.

My mouse and me