Saturday, November 15

Surprise Party!

Instructions for a surprise party:

Blow up some balloons

Play with the balloons

Make a "bread-cookie-pizza"

Throw the balloons in the air

Chase the balloons around the room

Hide under the table until Daddy gets home

Yesterday at about noon, Sarah started asking me if we could make something for Daddy. I asked her what we should make, and she said, "Um... let's make bread-cookie-pizza!" So, I figured fruit pizza was about the best we could do with that request.

Once the treat was finished, she started talking about having a surprise party for Daddy. She's really into birthdays right now and is always telling us that tomorrow is her birthday and Mommy's birthday and Daddy's birthday.

I thought she was so cute to want to throw Daddy a surprise party that we ended up spending a lot of the afternoon preparing (and playing) for the party.

Daddy sure was surprised...

This was the favorite part of the whole evening for Sarah and Emma!


geeno said...

what a fun idea!! in my book, any reason for party is a good reason. way to go sarah and way to make it happy jen

Kimberly said...

I love it. I also love to follow the thought pattern of a preschooler. They always have fun ideas :)

Jennie's bunch said...

How fun!! You're such a fun mom!!!

Shaun - Jillian said...

What a cute idea!! Your kids are getting so big. They are all so cute and I love the surprise party idea - you are such a fun mom to help them do it!

Jon and Melissa said...

So fun. It is always nice to mix up your day and throw in a little fun! What a great idea!

suds2004 said...

So fun, what a great idea! I love it.

~Fun Lovin Trio~ said...

What a fun party! I also love fruit pizza....It looks so yummy.

~Fun Lovin Trio~ said...

What a fun party!. I love fruit pizza....looks so yummy!