Thursday, December 27

Emma Mae is 6!

I always feel like Emma gets ripped off a little because her birthday is only two days after Christmas. 

The wonderful thing about Emma is that she never feels that way.

She is just happy to have a day devoted just to her, and she doesn't care when it is!

This year was pretty funny, in fact.

Early on in December there were some rough days.  Our elf, Marvin, actually went away for an entire week because it was so bad.  We weren't sure if he was coming back, or if he'd even tell Santa to bring any presents to the kids. 

When we were discussing it one evening, Andrew and Sarah got really worried about not getting any presents.  But, Emma wasn't worried at all.  She happily proclaimed, "That's okay!  My birthday is right after Christmas, so I'll get presents anyway!" 

Smart girl.

Sunday, December 23

Christmas Candy

We've been making Christmas candy like crazy the last few days.

Almond Joys, Cherry Cordials, Dollar Mints, Orange Creams, Buckeyes, and lots of chocolate covered pretzels.

The kids all helped us dip some pretzels tonight.

There may have been a little taste-testing going on in the kitchen!

Saturday, December 22

Snow Fun

We got our first snowstorm of the season this week! 

The forecasters were really hyping it up, and it did not disappoint.

Once it started, it didn't stop for about 20 hours.

The kids were able to have two snow days away from school right before they were supposed to break for Christmas, so it was a fun little surprise.

Daddy decided to take the afternoon off after it stopped snowing to enjoy a little family time.

Snow and Ice + Daddy = Attex

Monday, December 17

Say Cheese

We've been practicing for our family pictures.

The goal was for the kids to get so used to smiling on cue that they would do it wonderfully when family picture time came.

Who was I kidding? 

They'll do it at home, but it is a whole other story when you're all dressed nicely and paying for the pictures!

At least we tried, right?