Thursday, December 27

Emma Mae is 6!

I always feel like Emma gets ripped off a little because her birthday is only two days after Christmas. 

The wonderful thing about Emma is that she never feels that way.

She is just happy to have a day devoted just to her, and she doesn't care when it is!

This year was pretty funny, in fact.

Early on in December there were some rough days.  Our elf, Marvin, actually went away for an entire week because it was so bad.  We weren't sure if he was coming back, or if he'd even tell Santa to bring any presents to the kids. 

When we were discussing it one evening, Andrew and Sarah got really worried about not getting any presents.  But, Emma wasn't worried at all.  She happily proclaimed, "That's okay!  My birthday is right after Christmas, so I'll get presents anyway!" 

Smart girl.

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