Monday, March 22

Keen listening ears

While getting ready today, I realized I have developed "a mom's ear."

When I shower, I lock my bedroom door and turn on Dora for my two little ones. Sarah is already at school for the morning, so I just have two to keep track of.

On my way out today, I kept hearing a
BANG.... "Yeah!"... pause... BANG... "Yeah!"... pause... BANG... "Yeah!"
I began wondering if I needed to rush out and check on the kids, but then I waited for a minute and thought:

I recognize that deep voice. Andrew is definitely the culprit. It sounds like plastic. What could it be? The toy kitchen being hit with something? No... okay, what? It's a magna-doodle. Yep, that's it. But, what is he hitting????!!! And then there was another series of
.... "Yeah!"... pause... BANG... "Yeah!"... pause... BANG... "Yeah!"
So, it's Andrew with the Magna-doodle on the tile floor!

I felt like I'd solved a game of "Clue." Go me.

Almost 5 years of being a mom... and I've got a mom's ear!

Saturday, March 20

Sowing Seeds

Yesterday was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!

We played outside every second we could.

We even had a picnic lunch in our yard,

and the kids did a little "gardening."
Today... we have at least six inches of snow on the ground

and a fire roaring in our fireplace!

So, I'm just going to look at these pictures some more.

Oh, the unpredictability of the Oklahoma weather...

Saturday, March 13

Birthday Boy!

Our "little buddy" turned two on March 11th.

It is crazy to think he's not a baby anymore!

He celebrated by:

playing with tractors, trains, trucks, and trailers
eating lunch at the train depot in town
eating his train cake
and opening presents that consisted of tractors, trains, trucks, and trailers

At age 2 Andrew:

loves anything with wheels
likes to wrestle his sisters
is learning new words each day
has a pretty deep, gruff voice
is still attached to his "green" (his blanket)
hardly ever cries when he's hurt
likes to give Daddy high fives, kisses, and "skins" before going to work
asks Mommy to "Yi Yo!" a lot, which means "Hold me!"
lives life at full speed
and is the cutest little guy around!

Wednesday, March 10


Whenever we have a cold day, it means one thing...


We gather up the supplies:

graham crackers

Then the fun begins!