Monday, March 22

Keen listening ears

While getting ready today, I realized I have developed "a mom's ear."

When I shower, I lock my bedroom door and turn on Dora for my two little ones. Sarah is already at school for the morning, so I just have two to keep track of.

On my way out today, I kept hearing a
BANG.... "Yeah!"... pause... BANG... "Yeah!"... pause... BANG... "Yeah!"
I began wondering if I needed to rush out and check on the kids, but then I waited for a minute and thought:

I recognize that deep voice. Andrew is definitely the culprit. It sounds like plastic. What could it be? The toy kitchen being hit with something? No... okay, what? It's a magna-doodle. Yep, that's it. But, what is he hitting????!!! And then there was another series of
.... "Yeah!"... pause... BANG... "Yeah!"... pause... BANG... "Yeah!"
So, it's Andrew with the Magna-doodle on the tile floor!

I felt like I'd solved a game of "Clue." Go me.

Almost 5 years of being a mom... and I've got a mom's ear!


Steve and Katie said...

haha, I totally love that! Isn't it amazing that you can figure it out? Way to go mom!

Katie Jane said...

That is awesome. After being a mom you can basically put detective on the resume! I miss you!

Eric and Jenny said...

This is so funny, I love it!

Eric always wonders how I can tell what the kids are up to just by listening, it's definitely a mom thing!

suds2004 said...

I love this, it is so true. I never thought about it but I totally do the same thing.