Saturday, March 13

Birthday Boy!

Our "little buddy" turned two on March 11th.

It is crazy to think he's not a baby anymore!

He celebrated by:

playing with tractors, trains, trucks, and trailers
eating lunch at the train depot in town
eating his train cake
and opening presents that consisted of tractors, trains, trucks, and trailers

At age 2 Andrew:

loves anything with wheels
likes to wrestle his sisters
is learning new words each day
has a pretty deep, gruff voice
is still attached to his "green" (his blanket)
hardly ever cries when he's hurt
likes to give Daddy high fives, kisses, and "skins" before going to work
asks Mommy to "Yi Yo!" a lot, which means "Hold me!"
lives life at full speed
and is the cutest little guy around!


Katie Jane said...

Holy moly! You are beautiful!! Happy birthday little buddy! We love you!

Eric and Jenny said...

Can't believe he is two years old already, those two years flew by it seems! Happy Birthday to the little guy. You look gorgeous in the picture of the two of you!

The Parkin Family said...

So cute. I can't believe that he is already two. Time sure flies!

geeno said...

wow - what fun to be a 2 year old! i'm loving this age (and i'm so glad another 2 yr old is hooked to his blankie too)

great cake! i knew it would be another fabulous creation - i was thinking of you and all the other thgirls when attempting to make one for bel this year - mine is definitely not as cool :)

Ashley and Devan said...

First of all.. Happy Birthday to Andrew!! What a handsome boy he is.
Second.. Did you make his cake? I know you did. I don't think we can be friends anymore. Just Kidding. Seriously though, You are just too cute and crafty!

suds2004 said...

I can't believe he is two! Happy Birthday Andrew. He is sure handsome!