Sunday, September 14

One of these things is not like the others...

I went through all my old files to find Sarah and Emma's six-month pictures to compare with Andrew's. I think that S & A do have similar features... there is something about the head and cheekbones. But, then you can kind of tell E belongs in the same family too even though S & A mostly take after Dennis and E takes after me. Maybe they're all just a mix of us!

Picture order: Sarah, Emma, Andrew
Regardless, I am a biased mom and I think they are all incredibly cute!

Friday, September 12

Happy Half Birthday!

Happy half birthday to a happy boy! Andrew is six months old... I can't believe it. It seems like just a couple of months ago that we brought this little guy home, but at the same time it feels as if he's always been a part of our family. To me, the first six months of a baby's life are the most demanding for the mom but then it just gets better and better. Their little personalities emerge more and more every day, and (for my kids at least) they become little cuddlebugs.

I am so excited to be Drew's mom and watch him grow. It astounds me that I will watch him go to school, get baptized, go on a mission, and have a family of his own someday. There is just something different about girls and boys when I think that my little boy will one day be a MAN. It is a big job to think of the part I play as his mother to do all I can so that will become the man he should be.

At six months old, Andrew:
  • is on a great schedule... eats every 3 hours during the day and sleeps nearly 12 hours at night
  • loves oatmeal and rice cereal
  • has tried applesauce and carrots, but isn't too sure about it yet
  • giggles when Sarah plays with him
  • lights up when Daddy comes home
  • loves to cuddle with Mommy after eating
  • sits up on his own
  • rolls around the whole room to get toys
  • doesn't like to be left alone in a room (unless he's going to bed)
  • quickly falls asleep when put in his crib
  • loves to have something in his hands to explore
  • is happiest first thing in the morning after being fed
  • nicely puts up with a lot of slightly rough play from his older sisters
  • has a very sweet smile that lights up our days

Wednesday, September 3


What is it about summertime that brings back those wonderful childhood memories of running through the backyard sprinklers? I remember begging my mom to turn on the hose and just let us go wild...

Well, times have changed and so have the sprinklers! Fairly close to where we live there are a number of "spraygrounds" to play at. They are just like a regular city park - free and open to the public - but with levers, buckets, and fountains of water. For Labor Day, we took a family day to play. We went out for pizza, hit the sprayground, got ice cream on the way home, and topped it off with home-grilled steaks. It was a great day!

What a blast... Sarah with cousins Sammy & Caleb (in town headed back home from Texas)


Take that!

Emma's getting in on the action too

Just lovin' on the pole

And lovin' on Andrew's toy. Emma always holds things like she's holding her own little baby.

Mmmm... ice cream. You like yours Emma?