Wednesday, September 29

Kids + Dirt

Adventures in our family are always a little better when mixed with some good ol' dirt!

Monday, September 27

We interrupt this heat to bring you...

a beautiful fall day!

It was about time.

Time for some nice fall weather.

Weather that makes you want to be outside.

Outside and enjoying life.

Monday, September 20


I have no control over what this little miss wears each day.
She loves to pick out her own clothes,
doesn't follow any fashion rules,
and delights in her own creations...

Today's outfit of choice?

A Barbie dance leotard, cowgirl boots, and a HUGE smile!

Wednesday, September 1

The simple things

There are such simple pleasures in life - if we just take the time to appreciate them.

Today I have three simple things that made me smile:

1. The girls made my bed for me! I'll have to straighten it out, but they are seriously impressive in their skills.

2. During breakfast, Emma demanded something of me. We're trying to learn manners here, so I asked her what the magic word is? She responded enthusiastically, "Please and Abra-ca-dabra!"

3. Andrew has to be prompted to remember to focus on his food during mealtime. Every time he has a bite in his mouth that he's not chewing, I say, "Chew it up, buddy." Without fail, his response is to say, "AH.... CHEW!" and act like he's sneezing.

Now I need to go attend to the rest of life that doesn't always make me smile...