Monday, September 20


I have no control over what this little miss wears each day.
She loves to pick out her own clothes,
doesn't follow any fashion rules,
and delights in her own creations...

Today's outfit of choice?

A Barbie dance leotard, cowgirl boots, and a HUGE smile!


Katie Jane said...

Claire and Emma are made to be friends. Whenever I come upstairs to bathe them she has two outfits laying out that she is trying to choose from. I think she looks awesome. Love that girl.

Ashley Dickman said...

LOVE it! she is so cute w/ the cutest little personality!

smithsmiles said...

what's wrong w/that!? So cute!

geeno said...

i'm fairly certain bel will go through this stage and i have to say i'm looking forward to it with dread and delight.

way to be bold emma!

Jon and Melissa said...

ha! The mark of a truly good Mom would be if you let her wear that to the grocery store. Did you?