Monday, April 19

Pizza Party


Make pizza crust
(Emma rolled out her own!)

Spread sauce

Sprinkle cheese & pepperoni

Make silly pizza faces

Bake & Enjoy!


Katie Jane said...

I need your crust recipe!! Is it fabulous?

Shaun - Jillian said...

That is cute! By the way, my aunt lives in Stillwater. She has lived everywhere...Guthrie, Edmond, etc. but we will be staying in Stillwater, where she lives now and then going to the OKC Temple for my cousin's wedding. Aren't you in Oklahoma? Where are you and hpow far is it from there? If you are close, we may just have to drop by and say hello!

geeno said...

pizza - mmmmmm - that looks like a whole lot of delicious fun!

Steve and Katie said...

I love kid-decorated-home-made pizzas! I need a good crust recipie. I always just use the premade stuff. I'm sure home-made is so much better! PS I love the Wicked music!!