Wednesday, March 18

Parking It

Spring has sprung!!! (at least for this week anyway)...

We have really enjoyed the warm weather. Most of our time each day has been spent outside enjoying the warmth of the sun. The grass is yet to be green, but we will take anything we can get right now.

For Family Home Evening this week, we made a trip to the park. It was wonderful that Andrew is really getting to play with us more, the girls had a blast with their dad, and everyone slept REALLY well that night. It was so great!

Daddy and Sarah cheesing it on the jungle gym

Andrew is becoming a little monkey

"Higher Daddy, higher!"
(or in Emma's words..."Hidey Daddy!")

Enjoying the perfect evening from a great seat


smithsmiles said...

It's so great to finally be able to enjoy the parks again. We'll have to meet up one day for a park visit! Does Andrew ever stop smiling?!

Aleese and Scott said...

What a fun family home evening! Your kids looks like they had a blast!

Ashley Dickman said...

oh I LOVE the weather! Cute shorts Drew!

Jon and Melissa said...

Jealous, oh so jealous! Shorts, t-shirts, bare feet! I LOVE SPRING! I am actually okay if it takes a while to reach Logan-then I won't miss out on much! Your kids looked so cute and like they were having so much fun.

Emily said...

I agree!! The sun is absolutely the best!!