Tuesday, April 28

More and More

Just a few more pictures we've taken over the past few days that I haven't gotten around to blogging about...

Andrew ditched his tie before we even got to church Sunday, so Emma tried it on for size. I love that she got it on in the right spot. She was so proud!

After church on Sunday, the girls came out of our closet after Daddy helped them change their clothes - cutest little cowgirls I've ever seen.

Poor children!!! Somehow Emma has now learned how to make "scary" faces. While I was making dinner one day, I turned around to find the girls looking like this. I couldn't not take a picture!

We got to break out the pool a few days ago, and all the kids had fun playing in the water. We even had a couple neighbors over. It was a regular block party. This is Sarah's friend that lives across the street. They play all time together and even go to preschool together - it's great.

Andrew's first time in a swimsuit. This little guy look sooo cute toddling around the yard in his trunks. He just wanted to play with the garden hose.


The Maker Family said...

Great pictures! Love the boots!! And I must say.. what a cute little neighbor boy! :)

Ashley and Devan said...

Oh my heck Jen.. your kids are getting so big! When I first glanced at the top picutre of Emma I though it was Sarah. I can't believe how much they have grown. Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun these days.