Wednesday, April 15

Horsin' Around

Last weekend, we visited some horses that our friends have. It was such a fun Saturday afternoon!

Sarah got to bask in the joy of the horses. She fed them hay, grain, and petted any who would let her. She even got to ride a couple of them. The only disappointment for the day for her was that the two baby horses were too scared to let her pet them!

Emma watched everything happen with wary eyes. She was in the middle of a struggle with a cold, so Emma wasn't her normal outgoing, nothing-can-stop-me self.

Andrew had a good time toddling around, dragging ropes and water hoses here and there, and keeping me busy as he tried to put everything in his mouth... including horse poop. I was able to intercept that one just in time!

"Why do donkey's ears stick up like that?"

Andrew wasn't afraid at all, but later he found ropes and hoses that were more interesting to him.

Emma was a really good sport about everything

That horse is just a LITTLE stronger than Sarah thought. I love the look on her face!

Helping Daddy feed the horsies some hay

That's right... she's a true cow girl riding BARE BACK!!


Katie Jane said...

Holy cow! Emma looks so different to me. Your family is seriously cute. I wish Claire wasn't so afraid of horses! Ps. you look so stinking beautiful in your family Easter picture! Can I be you?

Kimberly said...

Did they have any colts? Joshua has been looking for one like crazy and we haven't seen one yet.

geeno said...

I was thinking the same thing as Katie - did Emma get a haircut or something?

What a fun outing - especially for Sarah, first her mommy daughter date and now this - soak in the horse love oh ya

Eric and Jenny said...

Emma looks so much like Sarah to me the older she gets, it's crazy, they are so darling! Cute pictures, I hope Emma is feeling better, poor girl.

O'Keefe Family said...

How fun, your family is so cute and you look like you have so much fun together!

Jennie's bunch said...

Sarah's love!! I bet she was so excited. What a fun family day!

suds2004 said...

Way to go Sarah! She looks like a pro! What a fun thing to do with your kids. I always feel bad because my boys are not around animals much, we have to go to the pet store to see them!

Ashley Dickman said...

If it's the place I'm thinking... we walked away with horse poop on our shoes! SO FUN- not the poop, but the horses!!