Monday, April 27

Play Ball!

Last weekend, our community had a celebration in honor of the land run in 1889. One of the events was an old-time baseball game, which Dennis was invited to play in. They wear old-time uniforms, play with some funny rules, and have a good time.

Sarah and Emma loved running around on the bleachers, making friends and eating other people's peanuts. Andrew kept scaring me that he would fit through the bleachers and fall, but I managed to snap a few pictures while chasing the kids around and making sure no one got hurt!

Dennis is the third one from the left - waving at the camera

Batter Up! (they used to call the batter a striker, so I guess it's Strike Up!)

Emma taking a swing at it

The boys - oh so cute...

The fam with our baseball hero


Ashley Dickman said...

What a fun thing! The family picture is GREAT! Sarah looks really pretty all smiley!

Eric and Jenny said...

What a fun idea, I love the outfits! Your a brave mommy to take on all the kids by yourself at a baseball game. I just had Lance once at a Reds game, it was awful he was all over the place.

Kimberly said...

How fun, your town seems to have a lot of fun traditions. When we moved in town the parade was one of the first things we went to.

Jennie's bunch said...

How fun! The uniforms are great!! Love the family picture!!