Friday, October 3

Catching up is hard to do...

Blogging world: it's been a long time! Sometimes I just feel like a crazy little mom running around like a chicken with its head cut off. It's usually fun, but stressful and chaotic too!

In the past few weeks we've: celebrated Dennis's birthday, enjoyed the college football season, taken Sarah to her first dentist appointment, and I was lucky to get to have my mom come visit for a week.

Birthday Bash
Being such a sweet dad that he is, Dennis chose Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday dinner. Sarah and Emma were in heaven, of course. What a treat!

Vroom... vroom!

Emma lovin' on Chuck... she's always lovin' on something!

Sarah and Dennis's favorite: the wave runner
It took us about 20 minutes of persuading to get Emma out of the maze toy - even then we asked another little girl to help Emma down to us!

Innocent bystanders

Happy Hawkeye
It's fall and that means two things to my Hunger man: farming and football. A local farmer had Dennis plow a field the other night (it's not Iowa farming, but it was farming nonetheless). And... we've all caught the Hawkeye spirit for football season. Every Saturday Andrew dresses up in his gear, Sarah cheers alongside Dennis, and we enjoy a good game.

Ready for game time

Sarah kept putting Drew's hat on him backwards - so sweet.

Open Wide
Sarah had her first dentist appointment last week. Dennis and I talked about it, and we decided she would probably get really nervous and wouldn't sit still. Any way it went, we were going to let Sarah take the lead and go with it. That morning, I had Sarah pick out a special outfit she wanted to wear, and I kept coaching her that "just Mommy and Sarah" were going to the dentist. (She liked that a lot)! So, I had my appointment first, and she watched and played and was perfect. She even got a little too close a few times and had her face right up at my mouth - just trying to check things out. Then came her turn... she got a little nervous, but when I asked her if she wanted me to sit next to her she said, "Yep, then I won't be scared." That was it. She sat there, let them clean her teeth, floss, and x-ray. What a little angel! Now every time we drive by the dentist's office on our way somewhere, she points it out and tells us all about it.

They gave her sunglasses "in case the light was too bright." They were a big hit.

Nice teeth, girl!

Mommy-Daughter Time
My mom and I kept pretty busy while she was here between the shopping, baking, making cards, feeding kids, and having a great time. I love it when my mom comes because I have a friend with me all day to talk to and play with. A couple of the nights she was here, Dennis had meetings at night so we even watched a few chick flicks. It was a fun week, and I was so sad to see her go. Here are a couple pictures of one of our shopping trips, but I can't believe we didn't even get one picture of us together!

The girls liked sharing the teeny-tiny cart at Old Navy

Sarah tried on a hat at every store we went to... she looks so en vogue.


Ashley Dickman said...

how fun that your mom got to come and visit! i love it when my mom come and it sure does stink to see them go? your hair looked super cute on sunday... i meant to tell you and didn't (i'm really bad about that!) welcome back to blogging... we have missed you! :)

Aleese and Scott said...

You have had a lot going on! I love all of the pictures! Your kids are getting so big! I love the picture with Andrews hat on backwards. Barricks is always on backwards all though it is Scotty who turns his around. What a fun week to have you mom come out and visit.

Janna said...

I've missed your blog! I was wondering where you were.

Moms are so fun! So sad to see them go tho. Looks like you guys had a great time together. :)

Yay for kids being good at the dentist! That's awesome that Sarah went and did so well. Good for her!

Sarah looks so cute with that little hat on (the bottom picture).

Love the family pic! You guys are adorable - as always! ;)

Jon and Melissa said...

Wow, blog overload! Just kidding, it was so fun to get caught up with your fam. I am sorry Dennis has to be really nice because I am positive that I would NEVER choose Chuck E. Cheese for MY birthday dinner! I guess I am just selfish! So fun to have your Mom there. She is such a great lady.

Ash, Dev, and Hunter said...

You have been very busy. First of all Happy Birthday to Dennis. What a sweet Daddy to pick Chuck E Cheese! I loved the picture of Sarah at the dentist office.. what a little sweetheart! And how fun to have your Mom visit. Now you just need to come here and visit her.. so I can see you!


Andrew looks soooo cute in his gear and Sarah is getting so TALL!! now I want my mom to come visit

Katie Jane said...

I can't believe that Dennis chose the Cheese for his dinner. Seriously selfless! Your little man is to die for! Thanks for being so sweet. I love ya so much. We will chat soon.

Brea Marie said...

Sure have missed you! But I can tell you've been super busy. Your kids all look really cute in their pictures. As long as you're having fun, I guess we can excuse you from blogging! ;)

Jennie's bunch said...

Welcome back!! I have missed you! Happy Birthday Dennis! You're mom is so fun I'm glad you guys had a great time together!! I miss my mom!! Drew could not be more adorable...or Emma...or Sarah!! Gorgeous family!!!

Kimberly said...

I love that Drew is sucking his thumb in the family picture. It is a good one! Joshua is sitting on my lap and he thought Sarah was cute in every picture:)

suds2004 said...

I've missed seeing your blog, I'm so happy your back in the blogging world. Sounds like you have been busy, I love when my mom comes to visit. Sounds like you had a great time. Love the family picture! We have been watching football around our house. Don't you just love the fall?

Taylor and Chelsey said...

Yes that park is way fun and we live about 15 minutes away from it. So not too far away. I didn't know you lived up here. Is that how you met Brian and Emily? Where are you living now?