Friday, September 16

Spice It Up

Jared is at THAT age.  You know the one... the one where they are into everything?  (I think that age lasts for about 10 years by the way).  While I'm in the kitchen, he is there at my feet, pulling up by using my legs.  When I'm doing dishes, he is there unloading faster than I can load.  When I grab something out of the fridge, he is there squirming himself in before I can quickly shut the door.  I swear he crawls at lightning speed! 

I think I figured out why he loves that fridge so much, though.  It's the sauces.  Every shelf on our door is filled with different sauces, along with the entire top shelf in the body of the fridge.  Jared must be his Daddy's boy - he loves the sauces, and spicy ones at that.  He was sucking on THIS hot chili sauce we got at a Vietnamese noodle restaurant.  Silly boy.


Eric and Jenny said...

Oh yes you just described Katelynn to a tee. Squirming into the fridge just made me laugh cause that is exactly what they do, just weasel their way right on in. Amazing how they know right when that door opens little legs moving as fast as they can to make it in time. So annoying but yet so cute at the same time!

Alison said...

Found your blog and couldn't resist leaving a comment on this post/picture. I recognize that sauce. Oh boy is it hot! My husband loves the stuff.