Sunday, August 28

Picture Day!

On our 2nd to last night in Oklahoma, I asked my super talented friend Ashley to take some family pictures for us.  I'd been wanting to do it for a long time, and why not put it off till the last minute when you have a ton of packing to do and nothing else better to do with your time than find coordinating clothes and make everyone look pretty?

Other than the pictures on my side bar that are my favorites, I have just a few more I had to share (okay, there are more than a few).  I'll just mention my favorite part of each photo.

Just because it has all of us

 Sarah's truly happy smile

 Jared - left out and with a sour look about it

 Trying to get a picture of Jared, and Andrew jumped in for a squeeze

 Andrew's totally cheesy smile

 Emma pulled them in for a hug

 Looks like they are discussing serious stuff here...

 Andrew's pure delight

Biggest blue eyes (not touched up, by the way)

A glimpse into the true nature of Emma and Jared's relationship... she can't get enough of him, and he deals with it.

Emma smiling with her teeth - very rare

Man... I love my little family.


suds2004 said...

Wow these are beautiful. What a beautiful family you have. Your kids are so darling and getting so big!

geeno said...

oh yay - i love all these extras you shared. the captions are a crack up and give a taste of all their personalities. so fun! family photo shoots are such a load of work and so worth it!

Katie Jane said...

I totally missed this!! Your family is so incredibly beautiful. You did great with the colors you chose.