Thursday, August 25

First Grade - First Day

Sarah started her first day of first grade today!  It has seemed like a very, very long summer for us.  From packing up our house in Oklahoma, to visiting family in Utah, to unpacking our house in Iowa, to a L-O-N-G last three weeks of summer.  I think we were all more than ready for school to finally start.

I think I was just as nervous as Sarah was for the big day.  She's been telling me for a couple weeks that she was sad because she didn't know anyone in her new school.  Every time we'd meet someone new at the park or around town, they would have a kindergarten-age kid or a 2nd grader, but never anyone Sarah's age (or Emma's age for that matter). Sarah has always been a little like me when it comes to making friends.  We feel more comfortable waiting for the other person to approach us than to risk walking up to someone we don't know and might not want to know us!

So, as our whole family went to the school for the send off, I gave Sarah a hug and started tearing up.  I'm so worried for her.  I hope she gets brave today and meets 20 new friends.  When I realized Sarah was about to cry, thankfully, I was able to control my emotions and tell her what a great day she was going to have.  We left her without any tears, only looking slightly nervous.

 We can't wait to hear all about her big day!


Eric and Jenny said...

I do hope she had a wonderful day. I can so imagine how you must have felt sending her off not knowing anybody in a new school, so scary. I moved as a kid and I was scared to death starting a new school and I even had Teri by my side!

Katie Jane said...

She will do so good!! I don't know how I survived all the anxiety that comes with being a little kid. New schools, faces, teachers, routines! They are toughies for sure! Good job being brave for your little one. You are stellar.

geeno said...

oh my goodness - I am crying for heaven sake - i'm glad you were able to pull it together for your daughter - i'm not so sure bel and i will be tearless that first day - shoowee!

geeno said...

ps LOVE LOVE LOVE all the new family photos! didn't catch that? i love them all