Monday, October 31

Halloween 2011

I had a hard time figuring out Halloween costumes this year.  It seems like we end up spending money on something that turns out to be kind of wasteful - something that we just end up putting in storage after Halloween is over.  I stalled until the last possible day, and then gathered everyone's costumes hours before our church Halloween party. 

The girls only had one thing in mind:  Princess Fairies
We found some cute wings and leg warmers to go with their dance clothes, and voila!  We had a couple costumes.

We hit the jackpot with Andrew.  There is a load of boy cousins on the Hunger side.  Luckily, the family of 4 boys donated some clothes to Andrew a few weeks ago.  They are football fanatics and had grown out of this cute get-up.  (I don't think they ever used it as a costume.  It was just standard play attire in their home).  Love it.

Jared and I were visiting Dennis few lunch a few days ago.  Dennis was carrying Jared around the hospital, and a woman exclaimed "It's Mini-Me!"  Every time someone sees Jared for the first time, they say the same thing.  Honestly, NO ONE doesn't say that Jared looks just like Dennis.  So, it gave me an idea.  Jared needed some new clothes for church, Dennis made him a name tag identical to his own (only with Jared's picture in it), and Jared's costume was complete.  Meet Mr. Dennis Hunger and his side kick Miniature Dennis Hunger.


Katie Jane said...

I am dying over Jared's costume! That is so so so cute!

Jon, Melissa, and Fam said...

Ha, ha, ha! The mini me is my favorite, but everyone looks fantastic. Where is your costume Miss Jen?

Mitchell Missionary Messages said...

Love, love, love the costumes! Especially Min-me! Really they are all cute, the fairies are adorable, the football player looks like the real thing, and mini-me is so great that we laughed for 5 minutes!!!!GOOD JOB!

Andie said...

Such cute costumes! I should have thought of that for Max, as I have a bald husband and baby too. :) My girls were fairies too...Where did you get the leg warmers? They are super cute, and functional!