Wednesday, November 2

Galloping Rabbits, Hay Bales, and Rubber Cement

On Wednesdays, Emma and Andrew don't have preschool.  Last Wednesday we decided to meet two of my sisters-in-law at a mid-point between all our houses.  We met at a mall where they have a Target (yay!), carousel, food court, ice rink, movie theatre, kids play area, and tons of other stores.  The kids are always begging to ride the carousel, and I was feeling a bit generous on our big "play" day. 

Emma and her cousin Nicole 

All the other parents were riding the carousel and holding on to their children.  My sister-in-law turned to me and said, "Are we bad parents that we didn't even consider that?"  
Whoops.  I don't think so!  They had a great time.

The preschool had a field trip to a pumpkin patch/family farm last week.  Jared and I got to tag along and ride the bus with everyone.  It was about a 15 minute trip each way.  Andrew fell asleep on the way there and on the way back!  It must be something about that bumpy bus ride, because he falls asleep almost every day on the way home from school too.

 Emma's class - Her teacher is on the bottom right, and the other adults are aides.  Miss Johnson is the best preschool teacher I've encountered.  She is so great with the kids, and absolutely a perfect fit for Emma's personality.  We feel very blessed for Emma this year.  When trying to get the kids' attention, Miss Johnson says, "Okay, friends... let's gather over here."  She always calls them friends.  I love it.

Andrew loves the hay bale maze, but decided to go ON it instead of THROUGH it.

In the corn bin.  We love that Iowa corn.

Unfortunately the kids realized that the corn kernels love to hide in their shoes!

We spent the weekend with Grandma & Grandpa Hunger.  One of the great things about Grandma Mary is that she has tons of kid things - and they are all organized in bins and boxes.  She brought out her craft box Sunday afternoon for Sarah and Andrew.  You wouldn't believe all the supplies!

Grandma is brave to let the kids use rubber cement.  They made silly faces on plates, bookmarks, and water-colored.  It kept Sarah busy and smiling for a few hours.

 This is what Andrew looked like every time he got a hold of that rubber cement.  It was a little scary!


Mitchell Missionary Messages said...

Oh, my goodness! We loved Andrew's face! Grandpa says he is saying "I'm going to do something I shouldn't" LOL

Andie said...

He looks High! Just kidding...but that's what I love about Rubber Cement :) Fun descriptions of what you guys have been up to. I am jealous of your Target shopping center! That alone is worth flying to see you!