Sunday, March 11

It's Fun to be FOUR

Andrew had such a fun birthday. 

The only real problem we had was that Sarah told him "You get to do anything you want on your birthday!"

That presented a few challenges and a few tears!

He got a "dirt" race track cake, lots of new presents, and even a little birthday money. 

While we sang "Happy Birthday" to him, he chimed right in and sang to himself. 

At four years old, Andrew:
  •  still loves playing with anything with wheels
  • has a major sweet tooth
  • loves when Jared plays with him
  • falls asleep on the bus after school most days
  • still misses some of his friends in Oklahoma
  • wants to be just like Daddy
  • if there is a puddle, dirt, or a mess he will find it
  • asks if he can go to his cousin Corey's house every night
  • likes to make cookies with Mommy
  • loves to have storytime
  • is full of energy and fun to be around


Jennie's bunch said...

I can't believe he's 4!! He is looking so grown up!! :)
I love your cakes!!!!

Mitchell Missionary Messages said...

He looks like he LOVED his birthday! It's great to be four!