Wednesday, March 21

Farming in March

This past weekend we went to a friend's house and played around a little.

Jared and I ran around and chased the dogs (or tried to keep Jared from hitting the dogs' noses, and keep the dogs from licking Jared to death).

Dennis and the older kids took turns running the small tractor in the very large garden spot we're sharing this year.

I don't think that sight could be more beautiful...


Jennie's bunch said...

I bet Dennis is in Heaven!!! Looks like fun!! :)

Mitchell Missionary Messages said...

I wnat to see the dog licking him! Love the tractor pictures!!

geeno said...

ya, wow, driving the tractor with dad is definitely going to be one of those memories the kids will keep. although, i expect this isn't the first or the last time :)

what quintessential iowa childhood moments you captured there jen