Monday, April 21

Kiddo Tag

I don't know how many of you have seen this, but a kiddo tag is going around. The tag is to tell five things about your little ones. All my kids were tagged, but I'm going to start with Sarah today and do the other kids another day.


1. Sarah is the BEST big sister. It is such a blessing that Sarah is our oldest because she always wants to help and is very loving. She tries to take care of Emma and Andrew all the time. She runs for diapers for me, gives hugs and kisses, and (my favorite) sings songs to her siblings. Whenever someone is crying, she sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Old McDonald. It melts my heart!

2. Sarah is in love with horses. Last year she got to ride a pony at a church activity, and ever since then she loves everything horsey. She has a stick pony at home and a pink cowgirl hat that she runs around with and yells, "Yahoo! Ride the range!"

3. Sarah is pure girl. She thinks anytime someone wears a dress, they are a princess. She spends half her time twirling around the house (even if she's not in a dress) pretending she's a princess. She even has a wand and "glass slippers."

4. Sarah is a Daddy's Girl. There is a very special bond between Dennis and Sarah. They absolutely adore each other. Sarah likes to help Dennis whenever he's home, whether it's working in the garage, mowing the lawn, or just relaxing. One funny thing they do is Sarah will hold up her arms and say, "Tickle me, Daddy!" Her daddy is definitely her hero, and she has got him wrapped around her little finger for sure!

5. Sarah is a tease. Right now, Sarah has learned most her letters and is trying to figure out the sounds that go with them. She'll say something like, "R says ta-ta-ta." So, I'll correct her and tell her that R says rrrr. She grins, giggles a little and says, "No... R says ta!" It's cute, but I don't know how she's going to learn if she just jokes around all the time!

I love my Sarah-pie-honey-bunch!


Jon and Melissa said...

So cute, I just love Sarah. She is such a doll. It will be fun to read these about your other kiddos since I don't know them as well-lookin forward to it!

Jennie's bunch said...

I love the kiddo tag! Sarah is such a sweetie!!