Friday, April 4


Thanks for tagging me, Jennie!

ABC Tag...
A-Attached or Single? Very attached for almost 5 years
B-Best Friends? Dennis & Mom
C-Cake or Pie? Pie... I love to make them
D-Day of Choice? Friday
E-Essential Items? Chapstick and a watch
F-Favorite Color? Yellow
G-Gummy bears or worms? Worms - you don't see them much, though
H-Hometown? Clinton, UT
I-Favorite Indulgence? Chocolate Chip Cookies with Nesquick chocolate milk
J-January or July? January
K-Kids? 2 Girls, 1 Boy
L-Life isn't complete without? My Family, Friends, the Gospel and chocolate (I liked your answer Jennie)
M-Marriage date? May 22
N-# of brothers and sisters? 1 Sister and 3 Brothers
O-Oranges or apples? Apples
P-Phobia or fears? Children being hurt, spiders
Q-Quote? "I have learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and NOT our circumstances." - Unknown
R-Reason to smile? My family
S- Superman or Wonder Woman? Superman
T-Tag someone? Natalie, Katie, Rindee
U-Unknown fact about me? I don't like dogs
V-Vegetable? Corn on the cob or sweet potatoes
W-Worse habit? internet junkie
X-X-Ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound
Y-Your favorite food? something I didn't have to cook! (unless it's dessert - then I like to make it)
Z-Zodiac Sign? Pisces


Eric and Jenny said...

Cute, I like this tag it's fun learning more about you. I was looking at some of your past posts and I realized your Emma and my Luke have the same birthday funny huh! Then I realized that you already have a third. Wow! You must be supermom, that is so great. I can't imagine even being pregnant right now let alone a new baby. You are my new hero!

Stewartfamily said...

I love tags, and learning new things about you. I agree with you on the chapstick, I actually remember in high school you being one of the only other people who had it just as much as me. (I notice weird things I know)

RichFamily said...

I really like the quote. It is really neat. How is the baby boy?

Jennie's bunch said...

I'll have to try the cookies with Nesquick! Sounds yummy!!:)
I love your quote!! I need to work a little on my disposition!
Thanks for playing!!:)

Skinner Family said...

So true about your quote. And I'm not a fan of dogs either! :S


I like making desserts too, but I don't like when I eat it all !

Ashley Dickman said...

Where the heck are you woman?!?! Is everything ok in your little household?! I guess you did just have a baby... I'll give you a break! ;)