Monday, April 28

Two Little Princesses

I've mentioned it before... as most three-year-old girls, Sarah has an obsession with princesses.

We had a plastic princess crown for her to wear around the house - that broke.

Then, I made some paper crowns - those broke.

What's a mom to do?

I came up with a great idea (if I do say so myself). I decided to make each of the girls a crown made with felt. Yeah! It worked... no more broken crowns! One hard day of designing and sewing has already paid off with countless hours of smiling faces.


Brea Marie said...

Those are seriously awesome Jen!!! You are really talented. Is there any way you would make one for my little girls? Of course I would have to pay you for it, just let me know how much. I would love, love, love it!! Thanks Jen, you are amazing!

Jon and Melissa said...

So cute Jen, you are brillant. Your girls are adorable too, I still can't get over how old they look!

Ashley Dickman said...

Wow! I know who to come to when my little girl gets here! You should start making bows and all that fun stuff.. you are super talented!

Angela and Bryan said...

Jen, you are amazing. What a great idea! They are so cute!

Janna Jean said...

awww, how fun. that's a great idea!