Friday, November 2

Happy Halloween - 2007

One of my favorite things about Halloween is making my kids' costumes. It is so fun to look for ideas and then try to see what I can do with my creativity. Sometimes it goes well, and sometimes... it really doesn't. Sarah has been a flower, Minnie Mouse (my favorite), and this year she was a dalmatian puppy dog. I thought it would be fun for the girls' costumes to coordinate, so Emma was a little kitty cat.

Sarah kind of turned out looking like a spotted cow (when she didn't have her ears up), but it was still fun and she absolutely loved her tail. She'd show it to people, and then say "Emma have a tail, too!"

Emma was so fun crawling around in her costume and looked like the cutest little kitten we'd ever seen. Too bad most people thought she was a little boy. I guess that's why we put a bow on her head most days. Note to self: use a pink boy to distinguish girl kitties from boy kitties!

Our town has trick-or-treating from business to business, so it was great for Sarah to be able to go around when it was still daylight and not too cold. She got the hang of it all and wasn't even intimidated by all the bigger and older kids around. Someone gave Emma a box of Red Hots, and she just shook them like a rattle the entire time. It was a really fun evening!


suds2004 said...

You did a fantastic job on their costumes. I love that they coordinate! I am impressed.

Jennie's bunch said...

Hey girl, you're blogging now! Isn't it fun!! I ran across yours on Ashley's! I'm going to send you and invite for mine if you're interested! I love the girls costumes!! Awesome job!!

RichFamily said...

That is awesome that you make your kids costumes. You are such a great mom!

Ashley Dickman said...

How did you find us!?!? I'm really glad that you did! So I had no idea that you made your girls costumes... I laughed when you asked me if I made Kaden's b/c there is no way that I could have done something like that... you are super talented! I'm excited to keep in touch with you through blogging! It was also fun hanging out with you tonight! We'll have to do it more often!