Friday, November 9

For Love of Fridays...

I saw this idea on my good friend's blog, and I wanted to start doing it on my own blog. The idea is to post each week a few of the things I love, so here goes:

I love that my girls make me smile!
Sarah thinks it's fun to make silly faces lately. She's always saying, "Watch this, Mom!" I don't know where she learned it (maybe nursery?), but she's getting more faces each week to add to her repertoire.

Emma is learning how to wave. She'll use a limp wrist and wave her chubby little hand when we say "hi" or "bye-bye" to her. It's not quite working when someone else says it, but usually only if Daddy or Mommy does. She also is "cruising" with her cute little red car, and if she gets stuck she'll squawk a little until someone turns her around so she can cross the room again! I love that she's starting to explore the world on two feet.

I love to bake!
This week I've really been in the mood to bake, so we've had peanut butter cookies and sugar cookies. Plus one day I got adventurous and made really yummy beef stew (which made so much that we're still working on finishing it). There is just something therapeutic about baking that I don't quite understand. Not only do I enjoy actually making the product, but eating it isn't half bad either!

I love the fall colors!
I was beginning to think the leaves weren't going to change their beautiful colors this year, but as I looked out my front window yesterday I saw reds, oranges, and yellows. I just love the changes each season brings! (I don't have a good picture of the fall colors, so I thought I'd include a pic of the decorations on my front porch).


Jennie's bunch said...

I love it!!:) I want to try some of those cookies! Your girls are sooo cute!

Cutelittledavisfamily said...

I just love your cute blog. I may have to steal your idea about including things that I love every week. What a great way to remember all of your blessings!

RichFamily said...

That's a really good idea. I need to look more at the great things instead of focusing on what I want to change. Thanks for the idea!

Katie Jane said...

Jen, I just love you! I really think that we could be neighbors and bake all the day long delicious concoctions of yumminess!! Seriously, I miss you like crazy and I hope you are doing well. I will call you soon to chat!

suds2004 said...

Friday is the best day! What a fun car for Emma to cruise along with. We need one of those at our house. I also love to bake this time of year. It's good and bad at the same time.